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Owner Kate from Cherry Cherry is absolutely giddy over her new shop full of handmade goodies.  Every inch of the shop is truly an extension of Kate’s aesthetic and passion for the artist community.  A look inside this little UK gem, reveals accessible hidden treasures for all.

Cherry Cherry is a little minty green shop nestled in the quirky lanes area of Norwich. For a year I have been trading as a concession in a shop across the street, but Cherry Cherry has quickly outgrown the space under the stairs!  As an illustrator and crafty artist myself I wanted to create a shop in which your first reaction is ‘Wow there’s so much to look at, where do I start’.

That’s why having a bricks and mortar shop is so important to me, it’s about the whole experience, seeing the window display, the sign, being enticed in through the door to a creative world of handmade goodies! Being able to pick items up, look at them, appreciate the time and effort the artist has put into making them is very important.

As for the décor, I love carboot sales, charity shops and other peoples junk. All the furniture in the shop is second hand and a bit rundown (not shabby chic, just old and used!). I have a cuckoo clock on the wall that I picked up for £3, such a bargain. This is what it’s all about for me, the entire space oozes excitement, and creates a little story. My friend told me it was like an extension of my living room!

I love that feeling when you visit a creative space and you are just amazed at what people make, draw and create using their imagination and a few materials. I want to provide a platform for independent artists to sell their work. The main emphasis is on ‘handmade’ and I stock goodies by artists, illustrators and crafty makers from all over the world. The Cherry Cherry motto has become “All things handmade and crafty”.

Cherry Cherry sells the work of over 50 creative types, with the likes of Emma Ferguson, Stuart Kolakovic, Julia Pott, Helen Entwisle and Kitschensink to name a few, the products are varied: hand printed greetings cards to crocheted coat hangers, jewellery made from paper and pom poms to screen printed leather purses,  all linked by the handmade theme. With prices varying too, there is something for everyone. From £1-£92 artwork has never been so accessible.

If you don’t live in Norwich and can’t make to the real life shop, Cherry Cherry goodies will be available to buy online very soon!

Cherry Cherry
20 Lower Goat Lane
Norwich, NR2 1EL. UK

5 thoughts on “best of the bricks – cherry cherry…

  1. The shop is so cute, I love the minty green storefront! And I couldn’t agree more about the importance of being able to see and touch handmade goods in person – I’m aiming for my own brick & mortar one day. I love that Kate started small and worked her way up to a bigger space, it’s sort of similar to what I’m doing, so it’s reassuring!

  2. When next visiting friends down that way I will be sure to pop in – not enough handmade shops around we need more!

  3. I so much what to open a shop as well!! A small shop selling craft and handmade design from different designers and a small cafe to enjoy cakes and tea!! I am telling my friend who lives in Norwich about this shop.

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