we scout wednesday: change the world with your money

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Want to do big things with the resources you have right now? Learn to change the world with your money. Whether it’s voting with your dollars or giving to causes you believe in, asking for what you’re worth or living on less, we have power when it comes to our pockets.

How will you change the world with your money?

You and me. We’re real. We have real dollars & cents – even if we don’t have as much as we’d like. We can make a difference with the way we use what we’ve got. When we combine our efforts, even more can be accomplished.

Yes, it’s time to change the world with our money. Penny by penny. Dollar by dollar.

I’m working on a big project around this idea. I want your help. Tell me how you’re changing the world with your money on your own blog.

what you’ve said

@jutejackfruit says: support companies that share your values.

@holland_cox says: 1st step is to educate yourself about where your $ actually goes…who owns the company? what do they do with their $?

@PaperSquidInc says: Buy in your community. Buy from local businesses not just big box. Support small business/artists important to you…

@CandiedFabrics says: Think globally – spend locally!

@blondechicken says: Prioritize (local? organic? handmade? fair trade?) and then pay attention.

@kpwerker says: Overall: *Think* about what you buy.

Dales Nordling says: Avoid over-packaged anything. If one purchase generates more trash than “treasure,” don’t buy it.

Kathleen McLane says: There is not a Single Person in the world, but Billions. to change the world requires many micro efforts to the greater result. Like the March of Dimes…Everyone can afford a dime, and collectively those dimes became Thousands of dollars. Small collective efforts make a difference!

Trisha Durham says: It doesn’t take all that much to make a huge impact…we vote with our dollar everyday…knowing where our money goes when we buy something is often overlooked. We can fund sweatshops, child labor, and blood diamonds, or we can fund products made locally, sustainably and fairly traded. Products are not made if people do not buy them…we shape the products, stores, companies that come to town and get rich.

Rebecca Bass-Ching says: I think how we spend our money is another form of using our voice. I hear from many who believe that using their voice will not make a difference/have an impact/matter. The “economic” voice, per se, is especially powerful because that is …often the most effective way to make an impact these days. So, I believe every person has the ability to change the world with their voice: with words, their cash, how they spend their time, voting, etc. As soon as people think their voice does not matter, it is a soul killer and we give away our power to others who may have our best interests in mind.

what I’ve said

You know I think buying handmade is one of the best ways to change the world with your money. Your hard earned dollars go directly to people who make the thing you’ve purchased, the money stays in your community longer, the profit helps a mom stay home with her kids or an artist realize the dream of creating for a living.

Hopefully, you also know that I think paying what things are worth and earning a good income are important too. It’s hard to change the world with your money when you don’t shell enough out… or have any to use.

what you can do now

If this is something that’s important to you, if this something you struggle with, if this is something you simply have a lot of questions about, let me know

  • Write about how you will change the world with your money on your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc…
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  • Of course, you can always share your two cents in the comments as well!
  • Read what others have to say about changing the world with our money.
  • Have fun!

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23 thoughts on “we scout wednesday: change the world with your money

  1. I use my blog to showcase media, businesses and artists that positively represent and portray all races and ethnicities. Multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion are worthy monetary goals for businesses and consumers.

  2. I whole heartdly agree with buying from your local farmers/markets and buying hadmade. Another thing I do with my money is support local resturants. I do not eat at chain resturants anymore. There are so many locals that have their own resturants and quizines. I rather put my money in that!

  3. Do what you love and love what you do – it’s all about positive work! I love this topic of changing the world with green paper! Thanks for posting it, Tara!


  4. Prioritize is a great suggestion. WHY? Because life is overwhelming. Make a list of three or even FIVE changes you want to make over the next few months and post them up at home… big and bold. Talk about them and decide on them together as a family. Then work on them together.

    You will get them easily incorporated into your life (composting, buying from the farmer’s market every Saturday and cutting out all food with high fructose corn syrup, for example).

    Then after they are just the usual part of life, give yourself three more.

    The second GREAT IDEA is just THINKING about. At my blog i STRONGLY advocate thinking. You see my little corner of mad thinking here. http://blog.elizabethhoward.net/2010/09/02/disney-princesses-have-ruined-the-color-pink/

    Thanks Tara for another great topic!

  5. I blogged about this and linked up…I find that often times the better choice isn’t as convenient as the easy big box store that has everything. That is me being lazy and that is something I could easily change. I have started to change this over the past year and continue to do so little by little.

    Also, as a small business owner, I want to make buying form me convenient. People in my niche know about Etsy shops and business like mine, but there are so many people outside the niche that have no.idea. They don’t even realize what else is out there and think the mall is their only option. My goal is to market to that group and move them over to the other side…even just for a few purchases. :)

    1. Gina, I LOVE your goal. I never go to the mall but agree that Etsy is still a unknown to even some of my design faculty acquaintances and almost all people over 35! Unfortunately, when people shop in small local stores they don’t think that they are often still buying cheap imports at a bigger mark up for smaller retailers. My custom cloth books and prints stand beside mass produced imports at the local childrens’ boutique . Education will save us.

  6. Part of my paid work has included teaching artists’ skills and educating people about supporting eco-friendlier supply chains in clothing and textiles. I really changed the world with my money by paying for three college educations which took all of my income for the past 15 years (and more to go) but I value education even as costs rose above my budget. I am proud to say my children buy local, eat healthy and will make the world better. After all, “you are responsible for what you have tamed” (Saint Exupery) in the world. Sounds like someone educated all the commenters here too! Great posts.

  7. This is a fantastic article, as usual, Tara.

    The post I wrote for my blog today (for a weekly activity we part take here in Australia sharing what we are up to in our creative spaces) relates to this nicely as it is about making purchases that not only support handmade but also support the skills of a community, spending more on one item rather than buying lots at a lower price that have been mass produced without the sense of tradition and quality in craftsmanship.

    It so rewarding to be a part of the change that is happening right now in western civilization, even if it is still only a small number of people in comparison to the over population of our countries, the desire to live and act more consciously is spreading.

  8. This subject is really very near and dear to my heart. I am very passionate about it. What struck me most in your post, Tara, is the concept of voting with your money as stated by Trisha Durham. I wrote a post about it today.

  9. we’ve never participated in ‘we scout wednesday’ before. FUN! thanks for posing this question. it’s a topic that has come up often for us this year. making and spending money is such a personal & emotional matter. being more thoughtful about our decisions has not always come easy. we’re learning to connect our purchases more to our values. it really is like voting every time we exchange cash for things…handmade for governor!

  10. This was indeed a great topic! I think the mindful spending change we all hope for can happen as long as we keep practicing it ourselves and encourage others to do the same. Leading by example and word-of-mouth advocacy are two very powerful muscles consumers have that often go unflexed. Ladies and gents, let’s give our our choices and pocketbooks a workout!

  11. Thank you for posting this. It inspired my blog post today. I’ve made this a new goal and am making changes in my own spending behavior while trying to influence others to do the same. I’m finding it very rewarding. Thanks again.

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