Change is as Good as a Holiday

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It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to day-busyness of life and start to feel burned out.

We often crave a holiday, some way to really get away from that “regular life”, to just let go and breathe again.

Perhaps you picture sipping cocktails from the comfort of a beach lounger, or maybe hiking trails in a new outdoor spot.

Maybe you want to wander the floors of the Louvre or check in somewhere with a big bed and a great room service menu.

What is it that would recharge your batteries?

A fast way to boost your energy levels, get creative juices flowing, and simply feel fresh is to bring in a little change to your day-to-day life.

Don’t wait for the big holiday away, bring in small doses whenever you can. Work to prevent that burnout or stale state of being.

Some energy boosters to try without a plane ticket:

  • take your work to a new environment – leave your desk and go outside, to a public library, the beach or a cafe – stimulate a different response to stimulate new ideas.
  • eat dinner in a park, at the beach, or simply outside at home – nothing more needed than maybe a picnic blanket and an open mind.
  • wear an outfit that appeals to you, but is outside your usual comfort zone. You may think you are “not”  a bright colour person or someone who wears maxi dresses, but if you are being drawn to them, try it out. Tap into that part of you that may be craving “different” or a new feeling like floaty dresses or the colour yellow that does not allow you to hide in a room.
  • move furniture around in your home or office – face a different direction, add a fun pillow, have your desk in front of a window.
  • change up your make up – go for bright lips or funky nails. If you usually go natural try one thing to add some “pop” to your look. Check yourself out in the cafe reflection.
  • take a break from your work and do 10 minutes of arts and crafts each day – colour in a picture, doodle, embroider, learn origami, make a paper airplane and see how far it flies.
  • do the things you like to do on vacation, without having to travel – head to a market or vintage shop searching for a bargain, wander your local art museum or gallery for a few hours, try out one of the new restaurants in your city, go for a swim at a local hotel or have a massage.

The key is to stimulate yourself in new and various ways. Open yourself up to things without waiting for a new destination or culture to push you.

Explore new things or change up tasks you do every day – the simple jolt to your senses can trigger so much positive change.

This is like exercise where your body gets used to your usual 3-mile jog and plateaus. Our bodies need regular doses of the unexpected to stay fresh, grow, and change.

If you always go left, try to go right at times.

If you eat the same thing for lunch every day try a new dish every day for a week.

If you are a creature of habit, but are feeling uninspired, break free and wing it for a bit.

What is your favourite way to shake things up? What gives you an energy boost and a creative surge?


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