Old School, Real Cool A review of the Arc Customizable Notebook System


I recently began a journey to free myself of TTD (Total Technology Dependence).  It began after some frustrating episodes with my phone, iPad, and laptops (Details are too ugly to divulge here, but I know you all have had similar experiences.).  I needed to come up with an easily accessible system that[Read more]

Review: Wildly American Soap Company

IMG_0532 (2)

I am so excited to share products from the Wildly American Soap Company with you! Wildly American Soap Company got its start when owner, Andrea Driffill, began searching for chemical-free bath products for her daughter, who has rosacea. Andrea found that even dermatologist recommended cleansers had chemicals, including parabens. She[Read more]

Candle Review: Flood a Room with Warmth and Fragrance

Candle Review

With fall and winter comes a warm and cozy atmosphere to our homes. I just love “5 Quick Ways to Warm Up Your Home for Winter”, which also brings to mind the warmth of candles. Not only does the tiny flickering flame bring warmth, but so does the glow around[Read more]