Candle Review: Flood a Room with Warmth and Fragrance

Candle Review
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With fall and winter comes a warm and cozy atmosphere to our homes. I just love “5 Quick Ways to Warm Up Your Home for Winter”, which also brings to mind the warmth of candles.

Not only does the tiny flickering flame bring warmth, but so does the glow around the room. If you’re like me, candles are one more way to cozy up your home in an inexpensive and aromatic way.

You can always make your own soy candles. But if you’re like me, making my own candles is not exactly my cup of tea (or maybe I’m just not that crafty!).

There are so many wonderful candles to consider. I’ve tried a variety of them and have settled on some of my favorites.

Yankee Candles. What can I say about these deliciously fragrant candles that hasn’t been said yet! They smell wonderful and come in so many different containers. And if you prefer candle melts, you’ll love them. I do wish Yankee Candles were more environmentally friendly though – it appears they are still made with paraffin wax and petroleum products.

Bridgewater Candles. I was soooo excited to find these! They have some of the freshest, cleanest, warmest, and coziest scents you can imagine. White Cotton, Solitude, Apple Pie, Welcome Home, Vanilla Creme, Remember When, Orange Clove, and Bonfire are just a few of my favorites. They are made of lead-free wick, natural soy-blend wax, and some seriously awesome fragrances! The candles fill the room with fragrance instantly – along with their affordable price, it’s a bargain because their scent lasts longer than many other candles I’ve found, so you get more for your money. And a bonus: they donate a portion of each jar candle sale to orphanages internationally. Every candle purchased feeds a child for a day!

Candledance. Ahhhh…premium handcrafted soy candles that have a lasting fragrance! They offer delicious scents and include aromatherapy and essential oil collections. Their candles start with an all-natural, biodegradable, renewable energy source: American-grown soy beans! There is no petroleum-based paraffin in their candles so they burn cleaner and fresher. And they smell wonderful – keeping their fragrance for many hours of burning.

Bean Pod Candles. Another environmentally-friendly option made from natural soy. No paraffin wax or petroleum! Just earth-friendly, biodegradable resources. As they say, “Go Green and Burn a Bean”! You will love their deep rich colors and long-lasting fragrance. They offer so tons of flavors like Whipped Cream, Sugar Cookie, Coconut Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Guava, Pink Petals, and Wild Berries.

Royal Candles Galway Ireland. I heard about these being wonderful, so I had to try them. They are great! They are made of Palm wax which is 100% natural and free of chemicals. The best news is how well they hold their fragrance – and they offer delicious flavors! They also have decorative candles, ceramic oil burners, scented jar candles, scented melts, and even magic candles. I haven’t tried the magic candles yet, but they’re on our shopping list. Who doesn’t love something made in Ireland anyway?

Cloud Nine. Okay, here’s one I could not believe and it’s a deal. Target sells Cloud Nine candles which are aromatherapy soy candles made with essential oils – for less than $14. They are a great deal and have a fresh clean scent. I found these online but not in stores. You may not think of Target when you think of aromatic candles, but this might just change your mind.

Etsy. Another option is to take a look at the candles on Etsy which are handmade and most are made of soy. If you’ve tried any of the products sold on Etsy, let us know about them. Etsy is a community of small business owners who take pride in their products so they typically offer high-quality products. Small business owners taking pride in their creation are sure to offer some fresh scents – let us know if you’ve tried any of them.

Let us know about your favorite candles so we can try them, too.

What’s your favorite candle?



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