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Suggestion Box 2 - Hip Hop Hooray from kso66
When I was working at my old day job, our CEO would occasionally swing through Europe and stop at each office to give a talk about anything and everything company related.

At the start of the session, he’d grab a marker and stand in front of the whiteboard and ask everyone in the room, “So what do you want to know?” We’d throw out our questions, he’d write them down on the board, and then tell us what he would cover and let us know what he would just skim or wouldn’t have time to go into depth on.

I always found this approach smart. The speaker didn’t drill down into a topic that no one really cared about, which kept the audience engaged and you knew ahead of time if your questions would be answered.

What does this have to do with this Scoutie Girl column? Some back-story: I pitched the idea for this column to Tara based on a workshop I’ll be giving at the Hello Etsy Conference in Berlin this September.

It was a win-win; the topic would be interesting to Scoutie Girl readers, it would provide me with feedback on my subject (as well as force me to work on it ahead of time!) and also spread the word about the conference.

Indeed, the comments have been encouraging and insightful. But before I keep posting on all the topics I want to cover, I should stop and ask:

What Do You Want To Know?

What are your burning questions when it comes to planning and executing your projects? What do you struggle with when it comes to things like time management? Is there anything you find particularly interesting around structuring your work? Anything you’d like demystified?

Let me know with your comments, I’m all ears!

9 thoughts on “But, Enough About Me

  1. I am not sure if this question fits but…
    How do I reach the right people? I get an overwhelmingly positive response to my artwork. People send me emails telling me what an inspiration I am Telling me they want everything in my shop. I am selling nothing. How do I reach the right people and who are they!?

  2. How do I know when it’s time to jump on a business idea? My husband and I have ideas all the time, which keeps us busy dreaming things up, but if we jump on all of them.. we won’t get anywhere with any of them!

    How do I find the confidence to pick one and stick with it? How do I know which is the right one to go after?

  3. I’m with Gwyn. It’s really hard knowing who your right people are. Especially when you’re an artist and have sold to vastly different people off line.

    Also, the whole social media monster. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, guest posting, collaborating. The list goes on. How do you structure your time effectively and manage to keep on top of it all? I see people who have more than one blog. They are selling their crafted items on one site, e-books and courses on another and manage to look like they are on Twitter 24/7. It’s all so overwhelming.

  4. I’m wanting to learn more about streamlining (in other words, being more efficient with my time). I feel like I have pulled together a routine that works for me in regards to blogging, but I am still struggling to find a way to do that with listing on etsy. I think there are steps I am missing and want to know more about how other people do it. (I am transitioning to selling prints of my photographs, instead of dyed and knitted clothing which I used to sell.)


  5. I’d like to know more about how to plan and think more strategically in relation to a micro business – how to make big picture decisions about what’s important, what to be focussing on, how to make the best use of my resources and just generally how to make a good strategic plan.

    I especially find big picture planning difficult because I’m effectively running two businesses in spite of being one person with a limited amount of time available. I also generally tend to find it difficult to get my head out of the nitty gritty and also to step back from more emotional viewpoints.

    1. Hi Simone,
      I know it’s been awhile, but I just found this on ‘Strategic Planning’ from Rena Tom at Poppytalk, you may find it helpful:


      I came to the planning world via project management, so I’m just getting acquainted with strategic planning as a small biz lady. The principles are essentially the same but it’s emphasis seems to be on planning for your overall business rather than individual projects. Very helpful stuff.

  6. I am primarily a writer and so have created a platform where that is my base. My problem now is that I’m branching out into other creative endeavours as well but I want to incorporate them all under one place, but at the same time not put anyone off. So my question is how does anyone balance different creative projects or would you suggest I just pick one and forget about all the others?

  7. It took me a while but i finaly came up with some questions :)
    I would love to hear about tools to do research on what my customers (end consumer) want and who they are.
    How can i put all they info together and put it to use?

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