Busting Free from the Automaton Phenomenon

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The following is a guest post by Syndee Stein.

Creativity can be defined as something transcendent, something groundbreaking that travels way out into the beyond; something that interrupts prescribed patterns. I love that. It’s a much needed re-frame from the idea that creativity is about making things. Think about it. Someone can be a prolific maker of things and not be especially creative. Likewise, you could never make a ‘thing’ in your entire life and be insanely innovative and creative.

Creativity really isn’t about things. It’s about expansion.

It’s about being on the edge of the known world, feeling for the boundaries and giving them a nice solid nudge.

Creativity isn’t a matter of thought. It’s a faculty of the moment. It’s the byproduct of receiving input in any moment and responding to it without planning. It’s alive, dynamic, and unfolding.

I go through ‘making things’ phases. Sometimes it’s painting, sometimes writing, playing guitar, or making crazy delicious sugar-free chocolate decadence, but it’s not what I’m doing that makes me creative, it’s the spirit I bring to what I do. It’s the sharpness of my presence and the depth of my availability in any given moment.

Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I’m so fixated on circumstances working out a certain way that I squelch the spirit of whatever I’m doing. I miss the person I’m talking to. I’m impatient and rushing. I don’t wait to be informed, I jump to fill in the space before it’s filled with feeling. In those moments I’m not creative, I’m on automatic.

We’re all crafty kittens around here, of that I have no doubt. What I want to know is, are you being creative right now? Are you approaching your tasks with expansive, pattern interrupting availability?

Are you busting free from the automaton phenomenon?

Syndee Stein, creatrix of Deeper Ground, is a rocket-fueled trail guide for your inner evolution, a bodyworker, movement teacher, visionary of vibrancy, and an enthusiast of all things life, including YOU! Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Busting Free from the Automaton Phenomenon

  1. Syndee–

    I love this post! You’ve really articulated something that’s been on my mind lately, especially as I move into a new year. That life is a creative act. Expansiveness in the moment. Love it! Thank you.

  2. Thanks Iramency and you are welcome, Maeg! The New Year is a great time to remember to bring our fullness to everything we do! Our lives are our greatest creation. Keep rockin’ it!!!

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