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never ceasing to amaze me, some of the most prolific and creative bloggers in the handmade and/or design genre have added to their respective to-do lists with new business advice blogs and columns to help *you* with *your* to-do lists. these resources come in all shapes and sizes, from video snippets to creative exercises to informative editorials. they provide the knowledge & experience that comes with having internet-based businesses for years (and having been around the block a time or two in the non-virtual business world) - get a notepad and a pen – you'll need it as you peruse each one! so grateful to have these at my fingertips! {this post took forever to edit and code - please let me know if any links are incorrect.}


Modish BIZtips : Jena Coray [modish]

Jena's very accessible writing style and 'down-in-the-trenches' knowledge of the indie/handmade world give her new Biz Tips blog plenty of fodder that you can use today, right now, this instant. no excuses. marketing 101, self-employment, motivation, biz basics, selling suggestions. yup. She covered it! As she states, "Modish BIZtips is here to help you, the artist, crafter or designer who is working towards making a living off your own creations. It's a road that's not an easy one to take, but this blog will be a source of support, information and guidance along your way."


Creativity Series : Holly Becker [decor8]

Mind mapping, listening skills, analysis paralysis, finding laughter…all areas of you & your business persona that may need to be polished now and again. Holly's 10-week Creativity Series (1 week to go) provides tips, deep discussion and real activities for you to do to as you tap or re-tap into the well of your own darn creative self! This has been one of my favorite things on the blogosphere in months – such a need for me to get to the heart and soul of myself when I feel like an unpaid blogging drone most days (oh, like right now… ;).


Biz Ladies 2009 : Grace Bonney and guests [design*sponge]

In 2006, Grace started the d*s biz ladies series because she "felt that there was a real need for women running their own businesses to connect and create local support systems." She continues that generous and much-needed tradition on her blog with the addition of Biz Ladies 2009. Every Tuesday, she features a working professional who will discuss surviving and thriving in the world of small business. Good stuff!


dialogue : Erin Loechner & guests [design for mankind]

Dialogue is a new video series on Design for Mankind – "dedicated to all the things we as a creative community SHOULD be talking about, but AREN’T ". Nice format, well-edited - illustrates the point that really real people who are independent business owners like you deal, struggle and create every day, too – you can learn a lot about what to do and what not to do by listening to their take on the topic at hand.


Bakery : Erin Loechner [design for mankind] & Jaime Derringer [design milk]

Baking businesses one savory tip at a time. "With a dash of advertising, a pinch of public relations and a smidgen of marketing, we’ll shape your work into something you knead. BAKERY offers a wide variety of assistance to small businesses and independent shoppes worldwide. Whether you’re struggling with a start-up, self-promotion or navigating the waters of social media, BAKERY has the experience and knowledge to advance your work."

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  1. Oh Jan, you’re so awesome! Thank you thank you for spreading the word for me. And for listing all the other incredible resources, which I also adore! You’re the bestest!

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