brown paper packages tied up with string

Fabric Thank You Notes
fabric thank you notes by lockette via flickr

call it recession chic * call it vintage-inspired * call it what you will – brown paper packages, especially when tied up with string, are the hottest thing in gift wrap this year.

i am so inspired by all the kraft paper & baker’s twine that i decided to make “brown paper packages tied up with string” the theme of our holiday decorating this year! so let these items inspire you, too. i’ll be back this afternoon with a tutorial for a garland that i made on this theme.

nice package - baker's twine, string
baker’s twine available at nice package

Bakers Green on Kraft w-labelgreen baker’s twine on kraft paper by whisker graphics via flickr

hand-dyed silk ribbon by crystal j. silk
hand dyed silk ribbon by crystal j silk

package by seedlingsjewelry via flickr

I really enjoy the little sticker added to the package above. Using brown/kraft paper and simple string or ribbon to tie it really gives you the opportunity to bring attention to great gift tags, buttons, or other embellishments!

kraft paper gift tags by katie blair designs
kraft paper gift tags by katie blair designs

Twine w-labels
baker’s twine in beautiful colors available from whisker graphics

10 thoughts on “brown paper packages tied up with string

  1. tara- i love this! i can never justify spending so much on wrapping paper so i always doll up plain paper. year before last it was newspapers with yarn bows. last year it was blank newspaper paper (end of the rolls are free from the local newspaper printer!) with glittery initials tied to them. this kraft paper with string might be it for this year! i might have to get some happy tape to slap on there too though..

  2. I love this! We haven’t bought giftwrap in years. We’re still working off some old leftovers, but last year I decorated a bunch of tins and reusable boxes by gluing on bits and pages of (damaged) old children’s books to them. They turned out great and now we have “fancy” reusable packaging. Maybe this year I’ll cover a few boxes with plain brown paper – it looks so pretty!

  3. Ooh! Pretty Pretty! I’m like Wendi…we STILL have large rolls of paper bought years ago, when both boys got a couple of LARGE presents (you’ve just entered the zone of large plastic things for presents – good luck!) and both my husband and I saw a great deal on the extra wide extra long rolls of paper and bought a lot, unbeknownst to each other! So, sigh, we’ve gotta use it til it’s gone…but then, I’m all over the brown paper!

    1. oh i know about big plastic things! that’s why there’s been a no big plastic things rule in my house since i got pregnant! i made that quite clear to everyone 😉 needless to say, no one knows what to get her… but that’s fine by me – i’ll take the cash and buy her clothes/toys on etsy!

  4. the kraft paper is great, I think it all speaks to the desire to simplify & get back to basics. I’ve also been using my boys’ easel paper – after it’s been colored & scribbled on, of course! It looks sweet & colorful… always gets a big smile.

    1. i was thinking of doing the same thing! lola is just learning to color… she really just draws lines on her giant newsprint pad – but i think that would make great gift wrap! thanks for reading & sharing, karen!

  5. This is a great post (and thanks for featuring my gift tags)! For a couple of years now, we’ve wrapped our presents in kraft paper and pretty ribbon, and I just love the effect. They go so nicely with the green tree, too!

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