Brief Introductions: vintage renaissance

I don't even have pets, and I nearly died when I saw the cool pet beds created by the super cool duo of Vintage Renaissance!!!! Hello gorgeous and smart! They also make and sell amazing other vintage pieces and art! I asked them to talk with us a bit.


Can you describe your art and process? Tell us a bit about yourself?
Brad: One of our main concepts is making the old new again, and that juxtaposition is one of our main trademarks. My goal is to create that "one" piece that stands out and gives the room an element of fun. Aside from the Etsy, I'm a full-time student in the Art and Architecture program at the University of Idaho. I love building things and working with my hands, so I have been leaning towards the sculpture side of the program. Drawing, animals, modern art, film, and chilling with my wife (Ashley) are some of my other interests. My personal blog is

Ashley: I help my husband, Brad, with our new Etsy shop – Vintage Renaissance! I love throwing a crazy color on an old piece. Our art is all about color, quirk and craziness, which is pretty much our life too. I am also a full-time student; I'm a Literature major…I love literary theory and cultural studies (graphic novels, feminism and the DIY movement are at the top of my list)! I'm hoping to become a Librarian or teacher, but sometimes I need a break from reading, because I also have a very visual side to me. I am a crazy cat lady!!! Brad wants a dog- but we are unable at this time in our apartment! The Etsy is the perfect side project! I also love scrapbooking, interior design, French, fashion and music. And my personal blog is


Can you just tell me a few things that inspire you? How you work your process?
Brad: Music definitely…I love sitting down and putting on a good record with a cup of coffee and my sketchbook. Also, on my computer I have a gigantic folder of artists, art pieces, photographs and images that I browse through for inspiration.

Ashley: I'm really inspired just by wandering around…whether art museums, clothing and book stores, coffee shops, campus, thrift shops, parks and new places! I always carry a notebook to jot down ideas and make sense of them later. My creative side is definitely triggered by movement and travel. :)

I want to know some things about what it is really like to be a working artist…the good and the bad? What are the three top things you wish you would have known before you started this art, etsy and journey?
Brad and Ashley: For us, it's really hard to separate the Etsy from our "real" lives. We are both full-time students, but sometimes working on the Etsy seems like way more fun than homework! On top of being students, we have part-time jobs, but we're young, and sleep is not a necessity! :) The good is that we're hoping to slowly phase out those part-time jobs, and focus on our main passions, and we would love setting our own hours and working together.

The three things we wish we would have looked more into before getting started was:

  1. Shipping and Pricing…definitely was trial and error!
  2. Merchandising and Photography…having a niche and sticking to it and appearing professional.
  3. Marketing…you definitely can't start a shop and just wait for something to happen; we really had to make something happen and be proactive about it!


What are your five top blogs/shops/etc on the web?
Brad: Shauna and Stephen, from Something's Hiding in Here, have such a unique style that they maintain in everything they create. THIS is a great resource for spectacular photography and art. Jay Ryan is one of my favorite illustrators, and I really like his color palette, Design for Mankind's Dialogue, and Banksy is just awesome !

Ashley: Ahh! This is so hard! I love blog surfing – seriously…it's out of control. I love Red Velvet Art something about their cutsey style just gets me every time! I love Emily Martin's blog and her shop. Her art is whimsical, vintage in feel and literary to me! I love Apartment Therapy; They are great about keeping up on what's fresh in the design world.! Of course…I would even grocery shop on Etsy if at all possible! Last but not least, Keri Smith's blog for making me smile, think and remain calm!

Who would you love to meet?
Brad: Shauna and Stephen from Something's Hiding in Here
Ashley: Elsie Flannigan and Rachel Denbow from the Red Velvet Art group.

Thanks you cute kids! I love your work and yr cheery sunshine!

Check out their shop and their blog!

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  1. I heart their cat beds – too cute! I don’t have a cat…so if they could make those in human sizes I would totally buy one!

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