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Let’s visit TWIG CREATIVE today.

I love Steve + Michelle. They make lovely things with their hands. They say: “Everything we do starts from a twig. From a simple idea to a sketch. From a simple sketch to the design. From a simple design to the actual creation. From a simple creation to the hands of an admirer. From there we hope to pass our creations on to you.”

twig creative

Can you describe your art and process? Tell us a bit about yourself?

We’re a husband & wife team that basically covers everything that ends in the word design; graphic design, product design, interior design…these interests, hobbies, and career paths led us into the launch of our business twig in september 2010. We have a chubby smiley 10 month old daughter who rolls around at our feet as we sew, sketch, brainstorm, and craft in our home/makeshift studio space. We figured why not take our passions and venture into making them our life. We might be nerds but our favorite thing to do is share new ideas and then make them into reality!

Can you just tell me a few things that inspire you?

We are both majorly inspired by the internet. The blogging world is a constant fresh source for inspiration. We began the artist’s corner section of our website so that we could not only help promote other creatives but also share who inspires us. We also love the art of invention and so one of our top sources of inspiration is to look at poor design in our daily life and try to better it.

I want to know some things about what is it really like to be a working artist – the good and the bad. What are the three top things you wish you would have known before you started this journey?

The most difficult part starting out is the yearning to do it full time but to not have enough income or overhead in order to do so. Thus a normal 9-5 job is a necessity even when your heart is in your small business. Our business also often overtakes every spare minute available because there are so many different facets involved; advertising, production, packaging & mailing, trade shows, etc. Our top 3 pieces of advice would be to research what it takes to start a small business, including the nitty gritty (we suggest the book craft, inc.), to learn from other shops/shop owners you admire, and to find your style and stick with it so that you become known for it.

twig creative

What is the hardest thing about competition online?

We don’t pay too much attention to competition. We are just simply trying to make things that we would like to have in our own life and hope that they catch someone else’s fancy too. There may be similar items that arise but we always hope to be inventive in one form or another.

What do you know NOW that you had no clue about when you started?

We had no idea how much time and effort a local craft show would take. However we spent the necessary time everyday weeks before the show preparing so that we didn’t have to pull an all-nighter like many of our fellow crafters! We learned that it is a good idea to practice your display beforehand to assure that your props and stands work correctly and that you have the right amount of space for your product.

Who is your favorite indie crafter?


What are your five top blogs/shops/etc on the web?

Hear Black
Jordan Ferney
Curiosity Shoppe

Who would you love to meet online?

Him, the oldspice man, and Her, Meg Mateo Ilasco.

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  1. Speaking from experience, those Twig two have great products. Their ideas are innovative and fresh. It seems that there is a steady stream of “cool” coming from them all the time.

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