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brief introductions

I wanted to buy a little pouch from this amazing shop during the holidays. I bookmarked her shop and drooled over the amazing custom work. Check out Lotte!

Can you describe yr art and process? Tell us a bit about yrself?

Hi all.

I’m Lotte Bongers 32 years and live in the centre city of The Netherlands, Utrecht.
I live with my boyfriend and my three big and so cute Maine coon cats.
Every weekend we go together to the Saturday market on our vespas.
It’s the biggest fabric market in The Netherlands, so there’s always the big urge to go there.

Before Etsy I’ve had my own clothing label for about 6 years, full time.
I always realized that it never really was what I wanted, but it was a nice income.
Soon after that I started making all sorts of things for myself.
Every item I made was an inspiration to make the next and so on!
I spent hours and hours in my studio.
I only came out to eat and sleep- I was addicted creating things!
I already had build a little stock and people advised me to go sell them.
I was (and am) not such of a promoter, and then I came across Etsy!

Everything I create is a reflection of all the things I see around me.
Even when I was little I saw animals in a bubbly wall and it made me look for more until I fell asleep.
I still do that!
Ideas pop in my head all day every day, well… and night too!
Actually I work 7 days a week.
I work in a clothing boutique for 3 days, all the rest of my time is Etsy time!
I’m a total workaholic when it comes to Squirrellicious.
It’s my whole heart and passion.
I also spend a lot of time on Etsy searching for that unique fabric and for cute sticker tapes to pack my sold items with.

So- Can you just tell me a few things that inspire you and how you work- yr process?

After a hot shower and a quick breakfast, I check my Etsy shop for conversations, and sales. I look for new added fabrics in the supplies category, and after the little dishes, I directly go into my studio. Usually I already have in mind what I’m planning to make. Custom orders first of course! After that I make the items that are not many of in my shop again. I don’t like the idea of many different items but only one of each to choose from. I like diversity and want my customers to have a choice in color/style for the same item.

I want to know some things about what is it really like to be a working artist…the good and the bad?

It’s the most wonderful feeling to create things that people love and are enthusiastic about!
This is what I always was looking for, no pen can describe that!
Even my dad checks my shop several times a day, he’s almost as addicted as I am, so I call him Squirreldad!
I’m not a full-time Squirrel, maybe that’s also better for me.
I would only be in my studio until it turns night and won’t have a social life at all.
The only “bad” that I can mention is my own feeling of guilt when I’m taking a day off,
but I think that’s my very own crazy brain that does that.

What are yr five top blogs/shops/etc on web?

For cute kawai items, I looooove and want all of them: for amazing clothes and quick service no better and sexier bra then hers! amazing scarves

The three things I wish I would have known before I started on Etsy:
There really are none!
I really liked the total adventure of Etsy when I just begun, it amazed me, but always in a good way.
If there was something I wanted to know I searched for it on the forums, many answers can be found there.

I want to thank all of you who make me a successful and happy Squirrel by supporting my shop! Love Lotte

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Please contact me at my blog or Etsy or email me at amytsharp (at) gmail (dot) com or twitter to give me scoop on cool things that you find or make! I want to hear from you!

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