Brief Introductions: ME+MAC


I loved MEANDMAC the moment I saw the shop. There is something that just calls to me in the work. I love original artwork on Etsy for an affordable price. There is something about having an original work of art that is so divine. For forever hanging in yr home. Love it.

Here is what MEANDMAC had to say to us:

Tell us about yrself and yr art:

I have been a frustrated artist all my life!

I’ve tried every artistic avenue from papier-mache to illustration, from sculpture to fashion. But all the while I always painted. I painted big murals, I painted
small cards and then I landed a job as a Set Painter in the Film Industry. This
was a great job for 6 years but it gradually started to suck the creativity
right out of me. So I stopped. I loved working with paint everyday but there
was no creative spark there for me. Around the same time my girlfriends started
having babies! So I began painting them gifts in the form of canvas art for their
little darlings rooms…then I got a few orders…and WHAH-LA! I finally found
something that I loved doing and people loved me doing!
These friends of mine who were now new parents, said they simply couldn’t find
any original canvas art for kids that didn’t have princess fairies and teddy
bears. This is where the idea to transform my hobby painting into a business
all started.

I would describe my art as fresh, unique, vintage inspired, simple – very
simple and “clean”.

I’ve always loved vintage poster art.

They are a huge inspiration for me. Another is children.

I also work as nanny part time whilst I’m still getting my business up and off the ground.


What is it like being a working artist?

Well, I’m still in the first stages of making it a full time gig. But I am selling, and it’s a wonderful feeling! I was always scared too take the plunge and actually start working as “an artist.” But I’m doing it, and I just love it! It kind of feels a bit strange almost telling people that I’m an artist when they ask me what
I’m up to, because I guess it was always a dream of mine that I thought would
never really take off…. I love working my own hours. But this can be bad too,
as my self-discipline is a little flimsy! And its hard work starting out with
no clear idea of which way to go. I’m currently working the market scene in
Melbourne as well as simply trying to get as much exposure as I can through the
Internet and local street publications. I guess I wish I had someone to tell me
what to do sometimes but I love working it all out for myself too, it’s a great

What are some of yr fave sites online:

I just love etsy. It’s pretty new to me but I can’t get enough. I just browse for hours. There are so many amazing artists and “crafties” out there! I found a wonderful artist named Vantiani – she is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Beautiful pieces created with papers and illustration. Check out her
etsy store.

I also love this blog called “Meet Me at Mikes” – they also have a
store in Melbourne. A cool combination of old and new wares, oh and great recipes!


Who would you love to meet online?

If I could meet anyone online I think it would have to be John Brack, one
little hitch, he died in 1999! Easily my favorite Australian painter.

Hepainted modern Australian life in the 1940’s, right through to the 1990’s.

In 1965 John Brack said, ‘For me I think that there must always be some sort of
comment, but it must never be the sort of comment that could be put into

A very cool character!

But if it had to be someone living (!!) I would choose another Australian named
Emma Van Leest. She is an incredible paper cutting artist. Her detail and
patience (!) blows me away!

Thanks ME+MAC – we love yr work! Check out MEANDMAC!

Please contact me at my blog, twitter, or email me at amytsharp (at) gmail (dot) com to give me scoop on cool things that you find or make! I want to hear from you!

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