Brief Introductions: Eve Behar Ceramics

I love ceramics. I love the pottery in my life.

Once when I was in college I worked at a summer camp, and late at night I would go into the arts building and use the wheel. I pretended I was in the movie Ghost and found those evenings so very relaxing and creative. I learned a bit about centering and ceramics that summer, and I still get angry at myself for never following that art form again. I wish I would have taken a class- but I find pleasure in buying pottery now! I love searching Etsy for cool potters and I found one in Eve! A search for Sake sets brought me to her gorgeous creations- I hope you love her like I do!

Here is what she had to say:


Can you describe yr art and process?
I make functional ceramic art; pieces that are one of kind and hopefully pleasing to look at but still inviting to use. I throw and trim my work on the wheel. If it calls for it, say on a mug or teapot, I hand-build handles or spouts or other appendages and attach them when the piece is ready. When the work is "leather-hard" I inlay cobalt-colored slip (simply wet clay with some additives) into line drawings I have put on the pieces. I like to "draw" animals, flowers, and abstract motifs to give the work a graphic nature and interesting imagery. Drawings also help decide where glaze will be applied after the work has been bisque-fired. I use ear syringes to trail glaze on to the bisque ware. Some work without the line drawings gets a checker pattern design. Sometimes I combine the two.


Tell us a bit about yrself?
I've always been an artistic person but, it took me a while to find ceramics. I've done theater, writing, worked in tv production while always doing fine arts on the side. I discovered clay my last year in college but not at college. I took a class at private shop and was hooked. I feel extremely grateful to be able to do what I love. I am married and co-habitat with my husband Al, Benito Pussolini the cat, and sister dogs Tallulah and Gracie in New York City.

So- Can you just tell me a few things that inspire you? and how you work- yr process?
In general, I am inspired by the concept that our daily lives are enriched with beautiful objects. I enjoy being part of a historic context regarding that notion. My work is inspired by my love of animals and color, mid-century modern design and the work of my mentors and all the wonderful potters out there I admire greatly.


I want to know some things about what is it really like to be a working artist…the
good and the bad? What are the three top things you wish you would have known before you
started this art/etsyjourney?
Being a working artist is hard. It's not exactly conventional in our society so that can make it difficult for some people to understand or relate to what we do. People always want to know if you make money, as if that's the only stamp of approval that matters. Being disciplined is also hard when you are your own boss and run your own studio. I like deadlines for shows to get me really going. I do love working in my studio by myself. Producing work that you are proud of and feeling good about putting it into the world is extremely satisfying.


What are yr five top blogs/shops/etc on web?

Who would you love to meet online?
Phil Collins

Thanks Eve! Check out her site and shop! xoxoxo

Please contact me at my blog or email me at amytsharp (at) gmail (dot) com to give me scoop on cool things that you find or make! I want to hear from you!

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