Brief Introductions: Erica Walker

I have a small obsession with simple small silver earrings. I love them.
Well, Walker Silverworks is pretty darn fabulous place to find them.
I found Erica Walker and her shop on a blog I read.
I found her and now I have to have all the gorgeous organic silver lovelies she creates!
Swoon! Need! Lust!

(now my gal Erica here she likes to type in lowercase and i quite fancy it too so i want the interview to look like her! Kiss Kiss)

Can you describe yr art and process? Tell us a bit about yrself?

i live a fairly simple (sometimes busy) life in small town in a shoe box size house with my man and animals. i love to spend time outdoors exploring, playing, walking, working as much as i love settling in, with a big bowl of ice cream and a movie. i’m at my best when i feel accomplished and am proud of something i’ve done with my hands.

my work is handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. i would say that my “signature style” is clean, simple and organic. i best connect with the pieces that are one of a kind and have the feel of the tools and hands that made them. my days start in the early morning with a good cup of coffee and chores. i try to spend the morning managing everyday household, and walker silverworks business, which includes returning emails, packing and sending out orders, placing materials orders, managing my etsy shop, etc.. in the afternoon i spend at least several hours at the bench, sometimes late into the evening if i’m preparing for a big event. i most enjoy playing with new ideas and designs. my workspace is pretty minimalist. it’s a small space with a few tools. i’m the kind of person who has a favorite tool, shirt, mug, whatever, and will favor it over all others. i have to wonder when i see other metal smith’s studios, and they have 50 pairs of pliers, if i could be making something easier for myself…  i do dream of having a larger, sunny studio


So – Can you just tell me a few things that inspire you?

i can find inspiration anywhere really… in the simplest of beach stones, to a bustling, noisy city corner. my best selling design (the organic O necklaces) was inspired by some funky fabric i saw somewhere along the line. it had a row of circles side by side with a single line through them. i’m also continually motivated and encouraged by other creative people. hardly a day goes by that i’m not awed and amazed by the the creativity and talent around me.

I want to know some things about what is it really like to be a working artist…the good and the bad? What are the three top things you wish you would have known before you started this art/adjourn?

living as a working artist: i guess it’s still kind of funny to consider myself a “working artist”. i feel so incredibly fortunate to be making a living doing something i love. it’s not glamorous, it can be hard work, and almost nothing pleases me more than when a piece finds its person.


3 things i wish i had known:
1. that i could have taken the leap sooner, and in fact “live the dream”
2. that making the same design hundreds of times is not fun, it’s work.
3. the ups guy usually comes around 11:30 and i should be dressed.

top 5 blogs, shops, etc.:
1. etsy, of course
2. flickr (i’m fascinated by seeing things through other’s eyes)
3. postsecret (again, fascinated)
4. npr
5. designsponge and poppytalk (i’m actually still pretty green with this whole online world. i got a computer to open an etsy shop.)

WHO would I love to meet online..
hmm, i guess it would have to be my next dog. i’ve been know to pour over petfinder for hours (and because i just have too many idol artists and metal smiths to choose from)

Thank you darling Erica! I love yr shop and if anyone wants to buy me some new earrings visit her here!
There are some awesome holiday gifts there!

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