Brief Introductions: Enhabiten

I found Liane's shop on Etsy one day and swooned and fawned a bit. I love her style! I love her cross pillows, vintage fabrics, and her eco-friendly nature.


I asked her to tell us a bit about herself and her lovely shop:
I am an artist living in a 150 year old house in a small NH town. I’m also a Mom and Wife. I’m currently working in my studio full time and running my business, enhabiten, as well as homeschooling my 10 year old. I love working on my home and in my garden, I dream of traveling, and I like to watch foreign movies with good cinematography and take long walks. I also read lots and go to flea markets, thrift shops and antique shops weekly. I’ve been working almost solely making textile home goods but my goals for 2009 include working on some upholstery using discarded furniture and vintage textiles as well as making some paintings and sculpture to sell in my new (still empty) Etsy shop, OneSmallSummer.

My art process is always centered around the materials. I particularly love worn old objects and textures. I like the things I make to tell open ended stories.

Inspiration/More process:
Some of the artists I return to over and over are Joseph Cornell, Richard Tuttle, Cy Twombly, Kiki Smith…there are more but I have a terrible memory for this stuff. I have also been rereading the book of poetry by Louise Gluck called “The Wild Iris”. It’s a profound collection and I recommend it.

I’m inspired by the natural world, good fiction writing, music, old objects. I don’t really know how to describe my process except to say that I rarely have an end result in mind although my sensibility in terms of line shape and color stays pretty constant.


Good and bad things about being a working artist; things I wish I’d known before:
As cliché as this is, being an artist was never a choice. It’s an inner drive that doesn’t allow me to think of it as optional. I love to make things and I would be miserable if I couldn’t. It’s been hard to accept “artist” as a valid career choice and that has prevented me from really committing to it. Another challenge for me is that I tend to get super focused and would stay in my studio for days on end if I didn’t have other responsibilities. I would also say that I struggle with feeling a constant sense of urgency and feel frustrated when I have to stop to eat or answer the phone or sleep!


Favorite blogs/shops on the web/Who would I like to meet online:
I do check in with design*sponge everyday. I also read apartment therapy. And I recently started reading She is really funny. I’m on etsy an inordinate amount! I think it’s a selling venue which is a godsend for people like me. I have befriended and convo’d with Vivi at and Laurent at Vivi and I share a similar creative sensibility, and she is a sweet and genuine person. Laurent keeps me laughing with his wicked and irreverent sense of humor. I know I will meet both these people some day and I look forward to it.

Please swing by enhabiten and check out the gorgeous items for sale!

Have a great day and feel free to email me at amytsharp (at) gmail (dot) com with cool finds on etsy or the web for me to scope out!

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  1. I happen to big a huge fan of hers.. She makes such sensitive and great stuff. I love this interviuew, always nice to know what drives people who make beautiful things.

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