Books, Boats, and Apple Pie: A Perfect Morning in Amsterdam


This June, during our annual trip to visit family in Spain, my husband and I rented a car and give ourselves a whirlwind tour of Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Amsterdam. One of my favorite days of this trip was our last one in Amsterdam, which we spent visiting the Anne Frank Huis,  browsing the Noordermarkt, and braving the lines to enjoy what is surely the best apple pie in Amsterdam at Winkel 43.


We LOVE flea markets and try to find one wherever we travel, so it was fun just walking around the Noordermarkt, browsing through antiques, books, and other peoples’ old junk, which was made infinitely more interesting just for the fact that it was the people of AMSTERDAM’s old junk. And as a total book nut, I loved flipping through the secondhand stacks and finding familiar favorites dressed up in Dutch.


Earlier during our stay in Amsterdam, we visited my college friend Marissa’s adorable and DELICIOUS cafe Americakes. When Marissa saw what sweet teeth we both have, she said we had to go to Winkel 43 before we left Amsterdam. Winkel is right by the Noordermarkt, so that was our next stop on this last day of our trip.


When we got to Winkel, there was an intimidating line curling all around the corner, and so we thought about forgetting it and going to find a mid-morning snack somewhere else. But then we saw THE PIE. Deep-dish, golden crust, fragrant apples, and the perfectly-sized dollop of whipped cream on top. We grabbed our place in line and didn’t look back!


The first bite was worth every one of the 30 minutes in line. Everything is just the perfect balance between not enough and too much – the warmth, the density of the apples, the crispness of the crust – just heavenly.


Though I’m sure that no other apple pie can ever quite match the experience of tasting this for the first time, on a canal, in Amsterdam, with my sweetie, I’m willing to give it a go this fall when our apples are ready for picking. I found this recipe from Food Nouveau that I’ll use to attempt my own Winkel appeltaart. If you can’t make it Amsterdam, try making this yourself and see if you can imagine yourself away to a sweet summer morning in the Netherlands.


 What’s a food that YOU’VE tasted while traveling that just isn’t the same when you have it at home?

2 thoughts on “Books, Boats, and Apple Pie: A Perfect Morning in Amsterdam

  1. My mouth is watering!! I have this sudden yearning for apple crisp and whipped cream!!! Thank you for transporting me once again.

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