bold geometrix


while at printsource in january, "large geo" designs were the most requested flavor du jour. (maybe i should charge for that info – would make up my booth fee!) i thrive on prints like this soooo much that you don't have to twist my arm to get me to make them, enjoy them or write about them. and so it is with my good friend Michelle Engel Bencsko's latest collection of fabrics: mod quad. the happy foursome includes tres bold, modern geos in very of-the-moment colors, esp the luscious plummy purple and rich marigold yellow. you'll see them everywhere in the coming months! printed on a cotton/linen blend, they're perfect for home dec and all sorts of accessories. fat quarters, sampler packs and full yards available. love them all Michelle!

*warning: if you don't already sew, you will be compelled to do so if you look at these long enough.*

$17-68 from cicada studio

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