blogiversary giveaway :: and the winner is…

can’t believe there were 125 entries in last week’s blogiversary giveaway… all saying something wonderful about scoutie girl! at first, i tried really, really hard to keep up with the comments – giving a personal thanks and an individual email. but i totally failed. so – thank you all!!

without further adieau, here are the winners:

jenuine ruby – I love scoutie girl for all the handmade love. I just can’t get enough. And for the 52 weeks of blogging your passion. Just what I needed this year!

camille – I love the look and function of your front page … you can see a bunch of posts at once without scrolling and pick which ones to look more closely at. It also looks really nice :)

melissa – I like scoutie girl because you find and share such great inspiration and new artists. I can always come by and find something new!

if this is you, email me (scout AT scoutiegirl DOT com) by sunday, january 17, evening at 11:59pm or i’ll need to pick a new winner!

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