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time for a new blogger in residence! i’m so excited to introduce you to nick mohler, program director for the pennsylvania guild of craftsmen and the editor of handmade in pa.

there are two things that are truly extraordinary about nick:

1.) his passion for bringing a new generation into the fold of professional craftspeople through new media, outreach, and craft evangelism.

2.) his passion for local community, building up craft communities all over the state & bringing people together.

since i met nick last january, i have been constantly amazed at his “i’ll try anything once in the name of craft” attitude.

this week & next, he’ll be bringing you a series of posts centered on the intersection of “fine craft” and “indie craft” – raising questions as to why we feel the need to define ourselves at all and how our labels should be interpreted. i’m sure nick’s posts will spur some amazing conversation!

please give nick mohler a warm welcome!





top: images via handmade in pa, bottom 4: images via guild of craftsmen flickr pool, click each image for more info

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