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i am so thrilled to welcome melissa averinos as the next blogger in residence! melissa is a fabric designer, shop owner, blogger, author, artist, and all-round awesomist* who i know you’ll be thrilled to find out more from over the next two weeks!

you’ll hear from her later this week, but for now, please click over to the yummy goods blog to learn more about her, her shop, and her work.

or click to find out more about the blogger in residence program and the post we’ve gotten so far.

*an awesomist is someone who excels at the discipline of being awesome


2 thoughts on “blogger in residence :: melissa of yummy goods

  1. Oh I’m so excited! I love your blog to pieces (honestly, you had me at the weird apple post.) Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Go go team blogger in residence!)

    P.S. Tara, something funky happened to the links for Yummy Goods blog. It needs a ‘www’ added or it won’t direct properly.

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