blog it forward :: what inspires me is you!

blog it forward mashuptoday is my turn to offer a bit of insight into what inspires me in the blog it forward mashup sponsored by victoria at sfgirlbybay.

i have to say, i live a charmed life. i spend my days weeding through beautiful things, working for creative people, reading more blog posts than i care to admit, and generally just sucking in all the fabulousness i can find. i’m always thrilled by a new find but at times, it can be very visually overwhelming!

instead, what truly inspires me daily is talking to you. i really thrive off of your creative energy! if i didn’t have some positive, driven, creative people in my life, frankly, i’d be pretty dull. you guys feed my soul.

so here’s a little shout out to you all, a little collage of people who are inspiring me right now. this list certainly isn’t exhaustive… but i tried to represent a few different facets of my life. rest assured, if you’ve talked to me in the 15 months or so – you totally inspire me. yes, you.

what inspires me is you!

from top left, clock wise:

  1. stephanie corfee
  2. my mom, the fabric shopper
  3. brookiellen
  4. megan auman
  5. jan, daisy janie
  6. my nonnie
  7. lori dunbar
  8. mari richards
  9. jeff robbins, my former religion prof

and lola, of course!

thanks to say YES! to hoboken for handing off the baton to me and here’s my deft pass to secret pocket

21 thoughts on “blog it forward :: what inspires me is you!

  1. Beautiful post! I’ll have to do a little link hopping to see if I can get some inspiration from some of yours. :)

    And can I just say…YAY to Lola and her little Phillies hat?! I’m all giddy about it. Husband is a Yankees fan and so jealous that I’ve trained the girls to be Philly fans through and through.

    1. hi sonya! yes – that hat is the bee’s knees. it’s a little ski cap i just picked up at babies r us. and it is FABULOUS! yay for your girls being phillies fans too! (and boo yankees!)

      pitchers & catchers reported spring training today! woot!

      life begins anew – it’s baseball season again!

    1. yes! the human connections are what makes this REAL.

      and my nonnie is totally adorable and fiercely intelligent. i just wrote her to let her know she’s famous!

    1. what?! you didn’t include fabric as your number one budgeted expense? i can tell you that “the fabric shopper” would be disappointed…

      seriously – isn’t she the best mom a blogger could want!

      thanks for stopping by today, melissa!

  2. So funny because you are inspiring ME lately! Megan’s Crafting an MBA blog is just rockin’ my world too.


  3. oh my goodness! i’m so honored to have made your list! seriously, you have no idea how much that blows me away. just what i needed to help with my winter funk! 😉 thanks so much tara! you inspire me more than you know!

    1. oh lori, i think everything you do inspires me! your support, your photography, everything you say about your kids (because then i realize i’m not crazy…), your success. damn, woman, you’ve got it going on!

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