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my birthday was dec. 23rd, and i was one lucky chica this year! seems a blog about fabulous handmade goods is akin to a grade-A, spit-polished birthday list…not bad! these are items or designers i’ve featured previously, and i am so happy to be their proud owner now.
wool felt and fabric rings from greigh’s layne. just what i need to keep my fingers warm on this frigid morning! the handstitched needle work is unbelievable. to see creativity and perfection take such a tiny, tiny form is very inspiring! see original post here.

etched and oxidized silver necklace from please bloom. the detail is striking. i love this design my husband picked b/c it reminds me of my family: papa bear, mama bear and baby bear (who is now 10!). and i love being reminded of the "circles of life." good stuff. see original post here.

glazed stoneware from liz kinder. my photos don’t do her work justice, but – trust me – they are lovely. the strokes and palette are bold but harmonious. a signature style for me. my MIL was kind enough to peruse Scoutie Girl to find my post about liz’s work, and she purchased these bowls at what a score, if truth be told – thank you riva!

letterpressed thank you cards from deluce design at modishoppe. i purchased these myself in anticipation of sending out a few once my bday and the holidays had passed (glad i didn’t jinx myself). first letterpressed item i’ve ever owned – i don’t know if i’ll be able to go back to the land of lasers! see original post here.

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