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No, this is NOT mine.  At least not this year.
No, this is NOT mine.  At least not this year.

The binder.  A wonderful storage unit.  You gather many pieces of paper and with one hit of a hole puncher, make them worthy to be placed in said binder. (Just be careful your fingers don’t get caught in the rings.)  These papers can be organized into subjects and divided by identifying tabs.  If the anything rips, they can be mended with paper bandages called reinforcements.  This successful creation of a binder is usually followed by another, then another, then another until….(insert dramatic music here) chaos strikes!

Binders play an important role in the lives of creative souls.  They store resources, capture ideas, and list people, places, and things important to us and our craft.  However, binders can clutter up our space and make us become counterproductive, forcing us to spend unnecessary time searching for specific contents.  (“Which binder did I put it in?”)

So how can you create and collect binders of valuable information without filling your space to the brim?

Let me introduce you to LiveBinders.


is a Cloud-based binder system that can hold not only digital copies of the previously mentioned papers, it can also hold websites, images, and even videos!  They contain tabs and subtabs, giving you organizing options beyond your wildest dreams.  Your collection of binders will likely grow, but without the clutter or the chaos.  LiveBinders even has “shelves” so you can place your binders in a sequence that will send you to Organization Paradise.

Setting Up Your First Binder
 After signing up for your free account, the outstanding tutorials will guide you through the creation of your first binder.  Each tutorial is contained within a LiveBinder (what else?), allowing you to navigate through a binder as you learn how to make one.

Tabs create the backbone for a LiveBinder.  Each tab or subtab represents one addition to the binder.  For example, if your LiveBinder is about headband patterns, you can have tabs for a Pinterest page, a YouTube video, a PDF of a cool pattern, a blog page, etc.  Here is an example:


A binder can have as many tabs and subtabs as needed and they can be edited and rearranged to suit your needs.  Tabs can be color coded and a cover can be added to bring some bling to your binder.
You may begin another journey into the Black Hole of Technology!!  Bon Voyage!!  (For a review of our maiden voyage into the BHofT, read my last post here.)

Other Spectacular Features

Once you have created a few binders (Yes, you will!), you can create digital “shelves” on which to place your binders.  You have the option of sharing and/or collaborating on both the binders and the shelves.  Perfect for those BIG projects!

If you are looking for inspiration, you can search others’ binders and view them.  Many of the authors are even nice enough to allow you to copy binders to your own shelf.  You can reciprocate by changing permissions on your binder(s) as you create and develop them to allow others to copy your binder.  If only world peace was this easy to obtain.
Your binders can be put in Present mode when you need to show your “finds” to others (potential clients?). This mode takes out all the “extras” at the top and makes your binder the focus on the screen.  You can also change the way the tabs are displayed (top, left, or right side) and how they are “played” (stacked or scrolled).  Binders can be placed on your website or blog for more exposure.

LiveBinders has some tools to make creating and editing binders quick and easy.  Templates have been developed for business and education specialists to help them create important resources for their employees, customers, or students.  The “LiveBinder It” bookmarklet (Was there such a word 10 years ago?  #justwondering) can be installed on any web browser and can “catch” binder material while you surf.  The site boasts this tool as “one-button binder building” (great tongue twister!).  There are also apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Chrome so you can access your binders on any mobile device.  And because this awesome tool is in the cloud, you can always access it from any machine with an internet connection.

There is a 100MB limit in the free account.  I have 62 binders and holding steady at 92.4MB. LiveBinders has a two-tiered upgrade for both business and education that would give the user more space and more bling.

LiveBinders is a powerful tool for organization and collaboration.  However, I find that the two greatest assets of LiveBinders are:

1. indexMy fingers won’t get caught in the rings
2. I don’t have to buy anymore of those little reinforcements!!

Until next time,
Bind away!!

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