happy monday! my bike is coming today

globe bicycle

how was your weekend? mine was lovely. spent a few benjamins in philly at the art star craft bazaar. more on that later…

what i’m most looking forward to today is getting my brand new shiny bike. you can see its fabulousness above. or at least the closest approximation i could find on the interwebs.

this evening, i’m looking forward to a nice long ride around the neighborhood this evening! once i’ve got my balance down and my wits about me, lola will be coming along for the ride. i can’t wait to hear her giggles of glee! that’s assuming the shrieks of sheer terror subside quickly…

A Bike for Jason
bike for jason by josh.liba

my red bike at the beach
red bike at the beach by duchamp

Dutch Bikes
dutch bikes by andrew

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11 thoughts on “happy monday! my bike is coming today

  1. oooooh jealous! I want a new bike!! (I know I just got a new motorcycle, but that is not the same, and my quickly growing bum will attest!)

    Gorgeous bike and nice choice!

    karen (onegirlcircus)

  2. oh my. i love this bike.
    i too am buying a bike just now…in fact blogging about it too!
    the Live bike on the Globe site has my heart
    but my money is going to the sixthreezero classic edition three speed.
    less expensive you know :)
    have SO MUCH FUN!

  3. Love the bike! A nice bike ride just gives you a great feeling. Nothing beats a bicycle on a lovely warm day! Now I think I will have to get my bike out tomorrow if it isn’t raining :)

  4. Tara, I just went on my first bike rides of the season (yesterday and today). Bike riding conjures up so many feelings; of being a kid and of being powerful. Your bike looks beautiful. Even though I don’t need a new one, it made me want to go bike shopping.

  5. Love your new bike. Come ride it on the Virginia Creeper Trail and stop by my cafe (Creeper Trail Cafe) and eat some great food! The trail is a 17 mile trip down the mountain from Whitetop, Virginia, to Damascus– you don’t even have to peddle!

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