best of the bricks – young blood…

best of the bricks

We’re headed down south to visit Maggie and Kelly of Young Blood gallery and boutique. These two emerging artists advocates recognized there was a big void in the Atlanta arts community.

For two years in the late 90’s in true do-it-yourself style their home became gallery as well.  During this time they realized that not only was there a need for an indie artist gallery, there was also a large and ever expanding audience.

Openings: first Saturday of each month.  
Kraftwork (crafts market): first Thursdays.

We started the gallery because there was a need in Atlanta not only for the community but also for us. There were not any alternative galleries showing young emerging work. An artist myself, this was very discouraging. The shop came from another need – a place to buy items that are handmade by artists locally, nationally and even from abroad. Something with love and creativity that wasn’t mass produced in a factory. It is so inspiring to experience and share art designed and made by hand.

young blood gallery

Our mission is to create a space for artists to show and sell their work so they can make a living doing what they love. We think it is very important to feel and see the actual thing you’re buying and not just view it online. It’s pretty exciting hearing people say they love the shop and are overwhelmed by all the items to see. We’re not like a normal store where you kind of take a walk through and are drawn to one thing.  Most people take their time in the shop and look at every little item. Then they get inspired too and say-“oh I can make something like that” or that’s such a great idea”! It’s a good cycle.

young blood gallery

young blood gallery

young blood gallery


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Young Blood Gallery & Boutique
636 N. Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA | 30306
(404) 254 – 4127

4 thoughts on “best of the bricks – young blood…

  1. What passion, vision, and fortitude! Kudo’s to Maggie and Kelly – what the art world – and world at large – needs is more people with your creative spirit and gumption! A huge wish for continued success.

  2. Young Blood is absolutely awesome! I had a chance to check it out last Thanksgiving while I was visiting my family in Atlanta. They have so many amazing artists/crafters selling there, it was hard not to completely empty my wallet. :)

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