best of the bricks – oop!

For the family behind the New England shop OOP, it is all about fun.  Check out there shop, and be sure to stop by their blog to join in on the clowning around!

Jennifer and I opened OOP in July of 1990. We have had many incarnations over the years.  We are thankful for them all.  Some very successful, some not at all.  We have always had fun!  OOP stands for a few things.  My two favorites are……Out of Providence.  I like that it conveys a sense of place, where we started but also Providence (divine intervention) is a nice send up to a handmade showcase.  When asked in Passing what OOP stands for? I usually say it stands for Fun!

We have featured an assortment of handmade products in a wide variety of prices since as long as I can remember.

I love that an ordinary Joe or Josephine can come into the stores, be inspired, enjoy the experience and walk out with a little somethin’ somethin’ that does not set them back a pay check!  I also love that someone can custom order a bedroom or any other room they need to furnish!

Annan, age 8 arrived in 2001 and Malen Age 5 arrived in 2003. It is a family affair and although the boys do not go to the stores all that often they do occassionally help out and lately Malen has taken to playin OOP, Legacy Place with his classmates.

Currently OOP resides at 220 Westminster st in Downcity Providence and at Legacy Place in Dedham, MA, just south of Boston and online at

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  1. I love OOP!!! Such a fabulous and inspiring place! I miss the store in the Providence Place mall just because it was super easy to get to..

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