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Emily Grosse and Andie Wurster have created quite a unique space called Assemble.  The name truly speaks volumes as this is a wonderful place where you can see independent art in a gallery setting, shop for wonderful handmade treasures, and even learn how to make a few of your own.  They’ve taken a moment to share their mission, and why supporting indie artists is a top priority.

At Assemble Gallery & Studio, we integrated a gallery space and workshop studio that fosters inspiration, creativity and hands-on experience in a close proximity. Our mission is to showcase craft as modern art, while teaching both traditional and avant-garde crafting techniques in a workshop environment.

The retail section of the shop showcases items from independent designers around the country (and some Canada and UK), while offering books and tools to help a customer create their own design or art pieces. We see Assemble as a gallery of inspiration and ideas: a place for people to assemble, make, and do.

Independent artwork is the beginning of a long (and sometimes controversial) road from the underground to the mainstream.  Having worked with trend corporations which mass produce a subculture, I found that the most important element of any product is that product’s original idea, which is most often an independent artist or designer.

The DIY culture has gained momentum in the mainstream. Although it has been exploited to a certain degree, the message is counteracting the process: do-it-yourself.  Here at Assemble we love the enthusiasm from the students that we teach in our workshops.  They are inspired by the independent artwork around them. They learn they can also manufacture something useful and beautiful completely independently, while creatively illustrating their own thoughts in an art form.

cindy steiler
the small object
the pin pals

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