best of… dannielle cresp: support, encouragement, & determination

Let’s take a look back on 2011 – the posts that inspired, challenged, and encouraged us. Today, enjoy this gem from Dannielle Cresp, first published back in May.

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After talking with six awesome ladies about where their craftiness comes from, I noticed three themes that really link them together: support, encouragement and determination.

When it comes to following our dreams and pushing the boundaries there is no doubt in my mind that it can be done. The question that made me wonder where craftiness comes from is this:

If pro tennis stars had never had the support to pick up a racket, would they be where they are today?

If there was no support for creativity in your childhood would you have ever thought to become what you are today? It’s that support from family and friends from a young age that seems to shape who we are to become. Even if that path is a winding one with lots of detours.

Without encouragement there are only two options: push harder or give up.

Thankfully for so many of us we push harder. We know that this is the path for us and we make it happen. It is encouragement, no matter who the source is, that makes it that much easier to reach our goals.

With all the brilliant creatives I spoke with there was someone who was cheering for them. Someone who could give them that push on the days where they needed it most. For our craftiness to shine through we all need that someone, whoever it may be.

Fighting to make dreams come true is part of the challenge.

When we push to make our dreams come true, there are always doubters. For so many, craft and creativity are for hobby time only. They are not for careers or for our future.

We need that determination and strength within ourselves to live the lives that we want and to be successful. Sometimes the doubters just need proof and sometimes we just have to ignore them and do it anyway.

Pursuing creativity and craftiness is about showing the world who we are and what we can give in return. It is pushing the boundaries and making our presence known.

It is with support, encouragement and determination that so many have done it before us and prove that if we want to, we can too.

Talking with these ladies has reminded me that anything is possible if we accept that it is worth fighting for. Following our dreams is totally worth it.

Do you feel that, too?

One thought on “best of… dannielle cresp: support, encouragement, & determination

  1. Yeaah we all need suport and encouragement, but we all need to a challance to become better and leave the old trics behind us.
    i found that out when i was studying at the art academy in Amsterdam.
    i Knew all the methode of crafting but the challance to do something with the same methodes or skills something differend made for me the big difference;-D
    And i found out that only a few of us having the guts to do the same.
    Most people behold on their tricks and methodes and don’t have the guts to do something totally difference with them.
    And of course not all people will love this new thing, but for your own progress it will make the difference.
    so i hope this is helping ;-D

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