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With a background in fine art, Lisa felt compelled to give the handmade artists she so admired a voice.  What was once just a daydream, has become a fantastic reality.  Bento is a warm and inviting space where Lisa invites shoppers to celebrate the handmade artists and craftman who truly help to shape our communities.

Located in historic Honesdale, PA (birthplace of the American railroad) Bento is the little day dream that turned into a realty.  My goal is to provide an affordable, eco-friendly, modern place where handmade items are sold. Because of my background in fine art, I understand the importance of supporting work created by an artist. While I was working for small art galleries, I always wanted to open a space that celebrated artists.  Well, life had other plans and that day dream was put on hold. During this time I started my own online business, and realized there was an entire community of artists and craftsman working from home.  I met so many talented artists over the next couple of years.  They were sharing their work with friends + family, and making an effort for “Handmade holidays”, but this just wasn’t enough!


I needed to bring these awesome folks to the masses!

To me it is so very important to buy handmade or locally when you can.  I often feel sad to think what kind of “mark” will our generation leave behind? I want to bring back the feeling of treasuring an item, not just buying throw a ways.  When I buy something that is handmade, I feel a connection to that artist. I know who they are, how hard they worked, and that the money I spend will go to their family.

I strive to make the shop welcoming to all ages! Our shop window is forever changing, and decorated with handmade sets and displays. It is not uncommon to see families take photos of their children in front of some of our window happenings. My husband and I play an active role in our local business association and participate in many local neighborhood events. We strongly believe if you support the community, the community supports you! We are proud to live in our little neck of the woods and to share our love of all things handmade!

mountain mama jody
jes switaj
mount pleasant herbary

1029 Main Street
Honesdale, PA 18431

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  1. Your store is so lovely! What a great collection, I love the ties too! And yay for bringing independent craft to your community. That’s the best, getting to know all your neighbors while they shop. 😉 You have inspired me to change our window displays more often. Keep up the great work!!!

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