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The Beehive is a wonderful boutique that takes pride in celebrating the independent artist.  With a recent move to a new wonderful space, this Atlanta boutique is committed to supporting artists and educating the community about the joys of handmade products.  I had the pleasure to meet the four owners Malene, Kanani, Brandi, and Preeti during the grand re-opening.  I took the opportunity to sit down with Malene and get her thoughts on why they love their brick and mortar.

Concept:  Comprised of 90% Atlanta artists, the Beehive is proud to brand itself “a local boutique”.  The other 10% is made up of artists who have some sort of connection to Atlanta.  Either they once lived here or have family in the area, etc.  Our concept is for those who have moved beyond hobby and are becoming true entrepreneurs.  We want to be a vehicle for these artists and business owners to expand their business.  The Beehive is truly becoming known as the hub for independent artists and designers.

Mission: Our goal is to have the customer identify with the artists first as opposed to the brand of the store.  We want customers to build the relationship with the artists.  In fact, many of the artists will even offer custom work.  We truly form a partnership with our artists.  It is their job to market themselves within the space, by designing effective displays.  We in turn, take care of all of the external marketing.  We strive to help both the new and established entrepreneurs increase their visibility.

Community:  Atlanta really needs a place like the beehive.  This community needs more knowledge and exposure to the handmade world.   With that said, we plan to start a seminar series for artists.  We also offer ongoing workshops on various subjects like sewing and paper making.

These are the reasons it is so important to have a brick and mortar.  We all need a space to share information, learn, and grow.  It also provides a place for the artists to send their client base to interact with their goods.  A brick and mortar gives clients and customers a sense of stability and validity.


mama handmade bath + body
nikita lynn

The Beehive
1250 Caroline Street
Suite C120
Atlanta, GA 30307

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