be eager for the good that is to come

This is a guest post by Rocio Gravenhorst

A Sailor's Suitcase by Bob AuBuchon

Oh what a day! And in a good and bad way at the same time. Yesterday I left my suitcase with all my crafts materials on a bus going home. I guess the tiredness of the day blocked my mind and played a strange trick of not reminding me to pick it up before I jumped off the bus! Sometimes, because we’re trying to do so many things at the same time, our brains cannot handle much information, and we simply slip off with bad results.

But the good news is that I no longer let this kind of situation affect my good vibes! As soon as I found out about the loss of my suitcase, I took a deep breath and I just started to think strategically and trying to find solutions. Sadly the customer service doesn’t work today so I have to wait till Monday, but I already send them an email asking for help.

Being an entrepreneur has changed my life 180 degrees. If something like this would had happened only a year ago, I would have been completely clueless about what to do.

Being my own boss has taught me how to accept problems as they come and not to panic and hide from them, but to find solutions and take action!

If I let the worry, fear, and stress take over, that would be a mistake that could cost me a lot! This is why I trained my mind to focus only on solutions, actions, and also to think positively all the time, and
trust me it works!

A good business is not the one that hasn’t got any problems; a good business is reflected in how we tackle problems and find solutions strategically.

It took me a while to understand this, but only my determination, constant learning, and self discipline led me to this reality. Nowadays life seems simpler and easier, and no matter how bad the problem is, I just “Keep calm and carry on!” That’s the old good British way of dealing with it.

Not that I am happy with the loss of my precious suitcase packed with all my materials, but wouldn’t it be worse if I was banging my head to the wall and going mad for this inconvenience? Things happen for a reason, and who knows if something bigger and better is on its way that I don’t even need to worry about it anymore.

Life plays in miraculous ways, so why not be eager for the good that has yet to come?

Life as an entrepreneur is an amazing journey that shapes you, makes your spirit stronger, and develops hidden talents you didn’t know you had. For me it has been the best journey I have taken so far and has really improved my way of living and seeing the world with another set of eyes.

If it wasn’t for problems and struggles life will be very dull and plain; we don’t want them but we need them to kick our backs and push us to greater things. My redundancy and layoff were the reason for taking this path, which is leading me to a brighter future which I am so eager to live! I am conscious about the possibilities of upcoming problems on the way and one thing is certain: I know exactly how I will think and react to those situations.


Rocio Gravenhorst is an interior designer with a passion for fashion. After being made redundant from her job last summer, she was left with no other option than to think creatively. She learned how to sew on youtube and started Cio Von Horst Studio designing high-end handbags with a conscious approach to the environment. Like her on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win one of her handbags! Follow on Twitter as @CioVonHorst.

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  1. Perfect timing for this! I was just chatting with a friend about a situation that I was choosing to just chalk up to being a learning experience. It is so much better when you can just go with it.

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