Be An Insider in Your Industry

Does it ever seem like your industry has a club of fun, successful, connected leaders? A club that you’re not part of?

I’ve felt that way. The good news is, this ain’t high school! You can join the club.

In this video, I’ll share 2 ways that you can build connections with whomever you please. Welcome to the club!

In the comments, let us know if you’ve done a “be an insider project,” or share your plans for one you might try.

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6 thoughts on “Be An Insider in Your Industry

  1. Last year I organized and executed a HUGE natural perfume exhibition, online. There were 11 bloggers, and 16 perfumers. The idea was that you create a natural perfume based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It could be whatever the perfumer chose. A character, theme, etc. Each perfumer created a natural perfume, and then sent out a sample to each blogger. Lots of fun, a boatload of work, and it created a bunch of goodwill towards the perfume community. People were very grateful to have a fun opportunity to connect. I asked some new perfumers to participate too, those who hadn’t had reviews before, so that was especially gratifying to me, to help open doors for them.

    You can read all about it on my blog:

    It’s given me some opportunity to be included in other projects, which is nice.

    On the whole, it’s been extremely positive and beneficial to me, personally, and professionally.


  2. Great advice! When I started out, I was doing (still am doing) something very different than other wardrobe consultants. So, I didn’t really want to join them.
    However, I DID need other people around me. I began to reach out to others and developed a fantastic support group that we all love. So, while I might not be an industry insider, I definitely love my “insider” group of fellow entrepreneurs.

  3. Ahh – I love this post! Perfect timing too.

    To be honest in 2011 I felt like an outsider to ‘the club’ but then I realized that social media allows us to each make one on one connections with others which really does a lot to prevent any ‘mean girl’ type cliques.

    So my goal was to start guest posting in early 2012 to lay the groundwork for my true biz goals. And I did :)

    And then I went a bit further, along with guest posts I’ve started an affiliate network with bloggers/businesses that I’ve worked with and had a successful experience (Tara & Laura being two of them).

    To put a cherry on top I figured that doing interviews via YOUtube would be the best way to cross-promote, up the SEO factor, and most of all give me experience in front of the camera. And so THE VALUE YOUtube station was born.

    And I just posted my first video yesterday – I’d love to hear any feedback… just go to my website and click THE VALUE :)

  4. Laura

    What a fabulous idea! I am still so new and definitely have that ‘peering in’ feeling :) Your suggestions are spot on and just foster more creativity – what a fun thing to dream up next! Thanks – as always – a great post with really helpful guidance. I am still operating off your new year’s post, by the way, and my word is truly serving as a gentle guide for me.

    Have a wonderful day,


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