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For most of my Iife, I’ve been a leader. Often, the annoyingly self-appointed but instinctively followed kind.

But there were several distinct times when I chose to follow. I latched onto someone else’s dream, her ideas, her confidence, her attitude. Death grip. I lost myself in worship of someone else’s path. I wanted to be her.

A college professor. A boss. A librarian. A musician. A mother. A blogger.

When you have drive with no direction, you tend to steer the way traffic is going.

That’s not really following. It’s unaware, simple. It’s a reaction – not an action.

Being a true follower takes effort. Being a true follower means watching your footsteps fall into the rhythm of your guide. Truly following a person or idea takes conviction and resilience.

It requires presence of mind to follow another towards your own dreams without substituting hers.

Your guide is waiting for you to Follow. Find her. She’s out there, really. She may not look just like you. She may not do everything the way you imagine. But she’s out there – your guide doesn’t have all the answers but she does have a map.

When she walks, put your feet in her steps. When she sits, cozy up beside her. When she rests, breathe with her.

Follow your dream to the ends of the earth. Beyond, if you have to.

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After yesterday’s post on being a leader, Amanda asked me to write about being a follower. You can follow Amanda (who is one of my trusted guides) at the Daily Worth – a daily financial kick in the pants for women. Share DW with your friends and win awesome handmade goodies & art.

7 thoughts on “be a follower

  1. Thank you Tara for reminding me of that. Altho, one may not be psychologically equipped to follow a person. So I would say that it is just as equally or even more important to find the set of principles or values to follow.

    Appropriately I got something else that corresponds with your post in this way. Check out Dieter Ram’s 10 principles of good design. I think it is the set of principles for the new era, and should be guiding principles of the handmade movement. :)


  2. What an interesting way to look at following someone…gives me a lot of food for thought today. I have to echo what Mariana said about prophetic words. This is very timely for me right now.

  3. I think this is important. And so was the leader one. Reminded me of the line in The Holiday about being the leading lady of your own life.

    Remembering that we can be a leader and a follower makes for a more balanced and happy life, I think. We all do both, so why not embrace it? Even the best leaders aren’t great at everything. I find too, that those of us who like to lead or are driven to change things need to be reminded that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel and that lots of people have gone before us who are worth emulating or outright following.

    I think it sorta fits with your post about not needing to make everything, but supporting those who do and focusing on your own skill set. Follow in some areas, lead in others.

    Thanks as always for a thought-provoking read.

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