we scout wednesday: a touch of autumn

autumn fall iphone photography

autumn fall iphone photography

autumn fall iphone photography

There’s just a touch of autumn in Eastern Pennsylvania. Just the right amount of chill in the morning and evening air. Just the right amount of warmth left in the sun.

For this week’s We Scout Wednesday, show what a touch of autumn (or spring, if you’re down under!) looks like or feels like to you. Create a blog post, flickr photo, Facebook update, etc… on this theme. Link up to this post (http://www.scoutiegirl.com/2010/09/autumn.html). Then put the link to directly to your post (no shop links, please) in the Mister Linky below.

Finally, check out what “a touch of autumn” looks like to other participants!

19 thoughts on “we scout wednesday: a touch of autumn

  1. Yes, despite imagining that summer was still here, I have to admit, it has fled. These are shots from 2 years ago, but the signs are coming again…
    Thanks as always for the inspiration to post!

  2. Perfect timing…I was just about to post my fall inspiration page and your email popped into my inbox. It’s lovely seeing everyone’s fall posts! Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  3. I have been enjoying a hot cup of tea every night which is my favorite autumn ritual and the past week I have found myself thinking about Halloween costumes for this year. Now that I have a little guy to dress up Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I posted about my day dreaming for this year.

  4. This is my first time participating and I don’t know if I did it correctly -eek! I read the directions too quickly [typical] and entered a blog post about Autumn that I wrote a few days ago. So, my link doesn’t include the phrase “a touch of autumn” nor was it written today. Sorry – didn’t mean to mess up the game!

  5. Another great topic…although I am SO jealous of those who can see the leaves turn and feel the energy of cooler air. I so miss the fall in the Northeast. But I’ve learned to adapt and now notice the subtle changes of Southwest Florida. You just have to look really hard!

  6. Love these pics, TG! They really turned out well! I esp love know exactly where they were taken (except for the curbage). Do you think my neighbor’s know their van is so photogenic?! :) I don’t think the gold’s coming to those trees this year! But hooray for Autumn no matter!!

  7. As the weather suddenly changes I find myself taking more and more pictures. Maybe it’s more dramatic as we live on the river and further north, but it’s been spectacular this year!

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