About Tahani Al-Salem

Tahani Al-Salem is a hippy, hipster, liberal, artsy, independent, whirlwind of a girl, or at least that’s how her mother describes her. She is happiest at home on her couch with a good book and a cup of tea, out gallivanting through the city, or having conversations she’ll never forget with strangers who just happen to cross her path. She is studying Social Work at the University of Washington, and is notorious for putting pen to paper and letting her thoughts wander when she should be paying attention in class.

Posts by Tahani Al-Salem:

The Power Of Being Sassy And Bold

The Power Of Being Sassy And Bold

Most people that know me would tell you I’m pretty sassy. It’s a trait I truly appreciate about myself, and sometimes it shines through more than others. Just this last week, I stumbled upon an opportunity to get involved with a start-up.  The end of the position description asked me to e-mail my resume to(…)

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