About Stephanie Guimond

Stephanie Guimond is an artist, visionary, and avid left-brainer who paints, dreams BIG and loves spreadsheets! She believes that through the power of stillness, possibility, and action we can create the life we want to live, and strives to create the life she wants to live through connection, art, personal growth and expression. She shares her home with her husband and one adorable Golden Retriever. You can see her art, browse her musings and check out her offerings on her website, Creative Living Experiment. She also likes to hang out on Facebook.

Posts by Stephanie Guimond:

The Holidays: What’s Your Right Pace?

The Holidays: What’s Your Right Pace?

Usually I speak of “right pace” in the context of productivity. We all have our personal productivity cycles, the rhythm at which we function best. The more we learn to recognize that rhythm and work with it, the more we tap into ease and flow. Right pace can also be viewed through the lens of(…)

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