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Never one to step away from a story, Sara Blackthorne is a writer, editor, and advocate for telling our personal stories. She encourages people to tell their own stories at A Forest of Stories and writes about her adventures in coding on her personal site. When she's not playing with words, Sara is studying development and user experience, merging her love of storytelling with creating amazing products that people love to use. Find her chatting about programming, bicycling, and hunting for secret messages on Twitter.

Posts by Sara Blackthorne:

Book Review: A Haunting Reverence

Book Review: A Haunting Reverence

There are times when returning to what we know is the best and most important thing we can do. When life is crazy, when things are falling apart around us or threaten to swallow us whole, we rely on the familiar to keep us grounded and keep us sane. So when my life turned upside(…)

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