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Maeg Yosef is an artist, illustrator, and writer living in the Happy Valley of Western MA with her husband, stepdaughter, and son. You can find her writing about art-making, kid-raising, and creative living on her blog, Edison Rex, and see her artwork here. When she's not working to inspire you through her writing or bring you joy by putting art on your walls, you'll probably find her up way too early, drinking way too much green tea, and attempting a wild new yoga position. Or maybe just on Twitter or Facebook.

Posts by Maeg Yosef:

The Unplugging Bug

A disproportionate number of conversations in our home start like this: Me: “Honey, I heard the most amazing TED talk today!” (or podcast, audio book, interview, etc.) My Honey: “Oh. Really?” as he subtly backs away, looking for an escape route from the onslaught of unrelated but fascinating facts, stories, and anecdotes that is sure(…)

Be terrible at something.

Be terrible at something.

Once upon a time, in an art class far, far, away, I was asked to draw an apple. As realistically as possible. Instead, I drew a poop floating in a toilet. A modern post-apple, you could say. My professors took it in stride. “Fancying yourself a conceptualist, eh?” they wise-cracked. They gave me some tips(…)

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