About Lori-Ann Claerhout

Lori-Ann Claerhout crafts words in the modern, energy efficient house that she and Mike built in Canada’s near boreal forest. Here, she cross-country skis, swims, dreams at the stars, spreads love in her communities, and constructs ideas in the woods. Find her on her website and on Twitter as @borealmodern.

Posts by Lori-Ann Claerhout:

Depression: You’ve Gotta Have Faith

Depression: You’ve Gotta Have Faith

I heard all kinds of crap when I was at the bottom. Things like, “Try praying, it will really help.” And, “Oh. You don’t have a congregation anymore, do you?” And, “Have you tried letting go and letting God?” None of these questions or advisings made me feel any better. If anything, they made me(…)

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