Living With – Not By – Our Mistakes

This post was originally run in June 2011. One of my favourite songs that’s come out in the last few years is called Someday by Mike Errico. One of the lines goes: … past the smiles that crack like frozen lakes, under children’s figure skates well I am going past[Read more]

Are We Pinning Yet?

Imagine you are in a lovely, airy, high-ceilinged room. The lighting is perfect, not too bright and not too dim. There are comfy places to sit: couches, chairs, plush and cushiony rugs underfoot, pillows to recline on. There is tea and coffee, sparkling water with lime, the occasional cocktail, and[Read more]

Are You Leaving Enough Space For Your Life in Your Work?

If you are an entrepreneur-self-employed-part-time-creative-consultant-activist-full-time-trying-to-find-your-calling-and-your-raison-d-être it’s not all about the marketing plan, the biz plan, the to-do list, the connections, the working it, the social media-ing, the never ending must-dos. It’s also about fun. Fun, you say? But I’m trying to get a business off the ground so I can[Read more]

What are you sweating?

The week before last I began the annual slog through receipts and invoices and interest income statements, organising and spread-sheeting and preparing for our annual visit with the accountant. This week also happens to be the annual event where I berate myself for not having kept up with logging the[Read more]