where craftiness comes from: where it takes you

When I first started this column over a year ago, I was interested in finding out where our creativity actually comes from. Was it our upbringing or formal education? Was it just natural or something that we have to find for ourselves? The answer is not as clear as I[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: leah jones

Leah Jones is a wife, mother, and hand stamped jeweler who lives in Vermont. Recently, we caught up to talk about where her craftiness comes from. Leah is the amazing artist and jeweler behind the delightful Alloy Jewelry. Leah grew up in a creative and fun environment in Vermont, spending[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: bringing things back to life

There is a true sense of joy that we feel when we are creating something from scratch. It’s the feel of it and the way that finished product looks when it is complete. It is something that all creators feel. But sometimes we don’t need to create something new to[Read more]

Where Craftiness Comes From: Building Memories

The one thing that I love about craftiness and creativity is how it brings us together. In a world where things are fast and everyone seems constantly in a hurry, creating is the one thing that helps us to slow down and take stock. No matter what the activity is,[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: your creative calling

Throughout this column I have explored the idea of craftiness and where it comes from. It has allowed me to realize that craftiness and creativity are within all of us, no matter what upbringing we had. These often show up as part of our personality and the way that we[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: letting creativity shine through

Craftiness is a gift that each and every one of us possesses. If may not be something that we use in our every day lives, but it is there. Craftiness is something that we use to solve problems and to see the world in our own way. Everyone’s creative background[Read more]