Art to Inspire: 9 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Through the Summer

The sun is shining and the flowers have bloomed – it is finally summer, the season of rest, relaxation, and sitting by the pool. For me, summer is not just about sunburns and tiny umbrellas, though; it is also the season of reflection and regrouping. Now, I know that the[Read more]

Art to Inspire: Advice Your Dad Might Give You

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so this week’s art to inspire has a fun spin: a light-hearted take on advice your dad would might give you about life and business. Sure, a few of these could be a bit of a stretch, but you’ve never been afraid to use your imagination[Read more]

Art to Inspire: Knowing When It’s Time to Soar

Today is Memorial Day here in the States, and many of us have an extra day off – a third day added to that always-goes-by-too-fast weekend. I hope you are spending it with family and friends, getting out of the house, and recharging for the week to come. But when[Read more]

Art to Inspire: Sometimes it Just Takes One

Last week, I was catching up on a friend’s blog and she mentioned that a buddy of hers, Megan Gilger, had just opened up a new print shop. So of course, I headed over to check it out and immediately feel in love with darn near every print in Megan’s shop.[Read more]

simple tips for avoiding burnout

This post was originally run in August 2011, but it’s still a great reminder for us all. Feeling uninspired and overwhelmed by your work? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. There are some easy ways to avoid complete and utter burn out. You just have to recognize when it’s time to[Read more]

Art to Inspire: Words to Live By

Instead of blabbing on and on, I am going to let today’s artwork do the talking. Here are nine quotes to get you through the week… (above) You are my Sunshine by Blacklist Studio Don’t Let… by Rachel B (Moonflowers) Always Chase your Dreams (Bear and Robot) Happy Travels by Karen Yi[Read more]