Art to Inspire: The “Follow your Dreams” Guide

You are a passionate woman (or gentleman) who has goals in life.

Lots of goals, in fact. Or maybe just a few very BIG ones.

You have a list of accomplishments you hope to one day achieve. You have hopes and you absolutely have DREAMS.

If you’re nodding your head right now, this is the guide for you.

There will people along the way who tell you can’t do “it”. Whatever “it” may be. Heck, that person might even be yourself. So, when things get tough, pull yourself back up, and read this guide to remind you of the things, I am willing to bet, you already know. Sometimes a reminder is all you need…

1. We are the Dreamers: You are not alone. There are many, many of us out there with dreams, goals, and aspirations. We all have something inside of us that allows us to think bigger and try to see the larger picture in life. Some people just ignore. You don’t.

2. Let Go of Disappointments: You will have ups and downs. Successes and failures. But don’t let the hard times overshadow those amazing things that you want to accomplish. Go back to number one and remember you are not alone: we are all dreamers. You can do this!

3. Dream Until your Dreams Come True: In the words of Journey, “Don’t stop believing.” Don’t let those dreams die or fall to the wayside when other “stuff” comes up.

4. If You Can Dream It You Can Make It: Anything is possible. So don’t lose faith in yourself. Remember when your mom used to say, “You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to”? She was right! It might take some (seriously) hard work and dedication, but you can do it if you make the effort to go down that winding path to success.

5. Dreams are Filled with Silver and Gold: And finally: Your dreams matter! They are special and important. Don’t forget that.

Take action now. What positive words of encouragement can you share with those that might be struggling with their dreams and/or success right now? Leave your response in the comments below. Or share your goals and dreams for the future.

6 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: The “Follow your Dreams” Guide

  1. Thank You for the reminder! For me, the important piece is to actually write things down in a place that I review often…otherwise, dreams can float around in dreamland forever…..

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