Art to Inspire: Sometimes it Just Takes One

Last week, I was catching up on a friend’s blog and she mentioned that a buddy of hers, Megan Gilger, had just opened up a new print shop. So of course, I headed over to check it out and immediately feel in love with darn near every print in Megan’s shop.

Those are a few of her designs above. To see more of her work, visit Hitch Print Shop.

Thoughts to lead you into the rest of your week…

There are more bloggers and Etsy sellers these days than you can shake a stick at. So it is easy to fall into the “Little ole me. I’m not as popular as ________ and what I create doesn’t seem to matter because no one is noticing me.” attitude. I get it – there is a lot of  “competition” and some of your competitors seem to have it all figured out, with thousands of sales under their belt and tens of thousands of subscribers to their blogs.

BUT you don’t have to reach tens of thousands of people with your voice, your message, your beautifully crafted clay animal figurines. At least not yet.

Just start with one.

Every great thing in this world started with just one person thinking it was so.

And then another, and another.

Your work could be the thing that brightens someone else’s otherwise dismal day. Your message – that heartfelt blog post you wrote last week – can make an impact and strike a cord with a perfect stranger.

That sounds pretty powerful to me, even if you do only have 42 twitter followers.

So go ahead, stop comparing your small potatoes to another’s seemingly abundant garden.

Looking over the fence isn’t going to help your garden grow.

You need to plant your own seeds.

With that in mind, I have a challenge for you: Start this week to make a difference. Attempt to impact just one person’s day, outlook, or attitude. Ignore your follower count and those other thoughts swirling around in your mind – aim to reach just one person. It won’t be long before that one turns into two and two turns into ten…

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images above c/o Megan of Hitch Print Shop Be RealBe BoldBe True

9 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: Sometimes it Just Takes One

  1. I bought a zine from another seller who started around the same time I did who I’ve become friends with. I got it this weekend. She sent a note with it telling me how at some of her lowest times I’ve helped her get through them and kept her going on.

    I had no idea. I love her work and think she’s an awesome person and we offer each other mutual support. Getting that note helped me keep going.

  2. Great advice to start off the week! “Looking over the fence isn’t going to help your garden grow.” Isn’t that the truth! Instead, lovingly cultivate what you’ve planted.

  3. I think you probably touched more than one of us with this post! Thanks for a reminder that is perfectly timed for where I am at today.

  4. Love this – the power of one. Just one. When you are just starting out, it can be so hard to see where and how to grow. Everyone seems to know something you don’t. Thank you for the reminder that you only need to start with one.

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