Art to Inspire: Life is About Choices

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Are Monday mornings difficult for you?

I get it. I’ve been there. But the good thing about the first day of the week is that you have a choice.

You can either look at Monday as the toughest day of the week OR you can make it the most productive day of the week. That choice is yours to make. It might not be an easy decision (procrastination is far easier of course), but it’s your call.

And just as you have that choice to make for yourself at the start of every week, you also have another choice…

And perhaps, this one is far more important than the first. Here it is:

You can choose to turn your words, your plans, into actions or just leave those words flailingĀ in the wind.

Well, duh. You’ve heard that before, right? Actions speak louder than words. Of course you’ve heard it. We’ve all heard that.

But are you living that mantra right now?

Take a minute to think about it. Really think about that question and answer it in your mind.

If your answer is “yes,” pat yourself on the back and keep on moving in that direction. Nothing more to read here. But if your answer is “no” or “kind of,” it is time to get off your booty and make a change.

Talk is cheap. So it’s time to step up and actually do what you’ve been talking about doing for months. Consider this your wake up call. Your friendly reminder. Your gentle, or not so gentle, nudge into greatness.

If you don’t start now – as in right now, this very day – when will you?

Step into action now.

Let the comments section be your accountability buddy today. Tell me below how you will take action this week and turn those words into something more.

7 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: Life is About Choices

  1. Yes! It’s true – I don’t necessarily love Monday’s when I go into the office, but I love that it gives me a new week to set goals and focus on what comes next. Last night and this morning I’ve made a list of what I want to accomplish for my site this week (that I officially opened last night! eek! :)- and the steps I’ll take to get more art done and let more people know about it. I got up early today to get a head start even! The new week is exciting and challenging! Thanks for giving me the extra umph to keep it going :)

  2. Yep, another example of knowing something…but not necessarily putting the knowledge to good use! I think it’s difficult for many of us to jump into action… the stage of analysis and research can lead into a long and winding road!

  3. I’m set to make today the most productive day of the week…love it! And the words could not have come at a more appropriate time.

    I can relate so much to this post, yesterday I opened my Etsy store – something I’ve been talking about for months. Even though there are only a few items, it felt like I was finally putting into action something that I’ve been talking and talking about. This week I’m going to focus on photographing and listing my other items and really putting the word out there.

    Happy Monday!

  4. When I was a teacher, I dreaded Mondays (and Sundays too, actually!) I wasn’t fulfilled by this work but instead was drained both physically and mentally.

    Now that I mostly work from home, I love Mondays! I am energized and excited to take on the day and the week. I often find I am the most productive on Mondays.

    It’s all about being fulfilled and engaged by the work you are doing and the life you are living!

  5. Accountability seems to be something that I do not have enough of. So, hear it is….
    -No more, ‘I’m a night owl!’, excuses.
    -7am is not that early…
    -If i don’t make a list, I will get behind.
    -The ex-marketing professional will market herself.
    In a nutshell, gaining self dissapline and holding myself accountable for my procrastination while re-tapping into my own determination=a new leaf.
    Thank you!

  6. As a writer I love words–those that are written, spoken, and dreamed of. Too often though words flow too easily with no substance behind them. The only way to truly know the substance of someone’s words is to observe their actions. Having lived my career life in a series of jobs where the weekly timeline of Sun-Sat didn’t exist I had to adjust my thinking regarding “Mondays.” What worked for me was to approach my work life with integrity and authenticity in order to keep it exciting. When it was exciting I was energized to do the work. When it was no longer exciting I moved on. Approaching my leisure and play time in the same manner has allowed me to live with joy and passion. Flexibility is key, but whatever you are doing (actions) should reflect the words you are speaking or writing.

  7. Thank you! I needed that wake up call.

    I’ve been stalling creating my ETSY shop for weeks now, perhaps even months with the excuse that I’m still in the process of designing/ sketching/ conceptualizing.

    My homework this week is get into action and order my supplies and turn all these designs and ideas into a tangible product.

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