Art to Inspire: Lessons Learned From the Eternal Optimist

Being your own boss is amazing, but it’s not always easy. There are ups and downs in every business. So, when things start to lean more toward stress than success, take a few lessons from an eternal optimist (and add your own to the comments below)…

Half FullEvery Cloud

1. Your glass is always half full. Be a “half full” kind of gal (or guy). Seeing the positive in all situations (or at least as many situations as possible) can do wonders for your overall mindset and outlook on life. Your business will benefit from a positive attitude.

Get Back on the HorseWhen Life Gives you Lemons

2. Get Back on that Horse. Remember, there are going to be hiccups in your biz – you can’t avoid them all. So try to remind yourself, whenever you need, that it’s how you handle those hiccups that will determine whether you become a success story or another statistic.

If You Think You Can, You CanDo Something About It

3. Dream it and Do it. And finally… This last tip makes a whole lot of sense, but it isn’t always the easiest to follow. So, here it goes: YOU have to make things happen! It’s great to dream, but you are responsible for making those dreams come true!

Now it’s your turn… Share your own lessons for success in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: Lessons Learned From the Eternal Optimist

  1. Just what I needed to read this Monday morning. Perseverance is key when running your own business and I love the artworks that portray this.

  2. Love the images and wish I had one for *stay flexible.* Something I’ve learned about running my own business is that things are always changing + if I have to let go of something it doesn’t mean failure. I’m just evolving. Thanks for your fun post!

  3. I used to be very traumatized every time one of my ideas failed, until I realized that I HAVE WAY TOO MANY… so some of them have to fail to point me in the right direction. Every failure is a stepping stone, even if you do it all over again, there’s always something to learn. Failing makes us more human. Moving forward makes us stronger.

  4. I find that the best antidote to anxiety is action. Taking steps to move forward takes me out of worry into creativity. Every part of running my business is an opportunity to use creativity.

  5. I have to say, I love Mary’s comment. As I sit here and reflect on it in conjunction with the times I’ve felt most worried about my business, I’m realizing that each and every time I took action to fix the anxiety! Thanks Mary!

  6. One thing I try to remember is to not be too hard on myself. I tend to push myself pretty hard in most areas of my life, whether it’s academically, professionally, or creatively. I always have to remind myself that I can’t do it all, all the time! I tend to get too stressed out if I try to do everything and can’t give each part my full attention. If I fail at something, it’s always better for me if I simply accept it and move on. Other opportunities always arise.

  7. I love these images & it’s a great blog, which I’ll be sharing. I fell off my horse (figuratively speaking) and next year it’s all about getting back on it (figuratively speaking). I’m not actually referring to being an entrepreneur – something else. Suffice is to say I’m revved up & raring to go. I’m bold and ambitious and have a lot to give my audience to be. I once was a creative but had to give it up to feed my family. I went out & set up a global IT company! Now it’s time to feed my soul and I want to give back and help small creative entrepreneurs succeed in their field so this never happens to them. I’ve given up a lot to do this & plunged myself into a situation I haven’t seen for 20yrs. I never do anything by halves! Anyway, the Internet has made all things possible with the right advice and given time. So I say deep breaths and onwards!

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