Art to Inspire: Knowing When It’s Time to Soar

Today is Memorial Day here in the States, and many of us have an extra day off – a third day added to that always-goes-by-too-fast weekend. I hope you are spending it with family and friends, getting out of the house, and recharging for the week to come.

But when you go back to work tomorrow, or if you are already back to work today, think about what you really hope to achieve with your work week. Are you trying to keep up with your orders and just stay above water? Or are you hoping that this is the week that you’ll land that big wholesale order or get featured on the blog you would just about die to be on?

If all you are hoping to get out of the week is more of the same, then by all means, keep doing exactly what you are doing. Pretty simple.

If you are dreaming about stepping off the plateau and soaring to the next level, you are going to have to do things a little differently.

So where should you be spending your time?

It is time to explore the bigger picture and plan accordingly.

Decide what you want and go for it. Start your day by  writing an email pitch to that blog you dream of being featured on, not writing yet another post for your own blog. Don’t forget to press the send button on that pitch, too, by the way.

Or spend your morning making a list of brick and mortar shops that would be the absolute best fit for your work. If they aren’t going to come to you, you need to go to them! And make sure you start sending out inquiries to those retailers once you’ve made your list too.

Bottom line: YOU need to make it happen because…

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

This week, you need to make your business work for you, so that you are not just working for your business.

What you will do this week to make your business work for you? Pledge it in the comments below.

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image c/o Promo Pocket (found via Going Home to Roost)

3 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: Knowing When It’s Time to Soar

  1. A lot depends on how my items appear to others, so my photography skills need a boost. I hope to work the white backgrounds into my photos so they pop. I have been very busy with my shop lately, but in down times I hope to add more items that have beautiful photos.

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