Art to Inspire: Is It Time to Unleash Your Secrets?

You’ve been through your ups and downs. Been tough on yourself and maybe even those around you. But it is time for that to change because today I want to talk to you about secrets. Not the gushy stuff your best friend made you pinky-swear that you’d never tell. I am talking about the secrets you keep hidden from yourself. The ones that stop you dead in your tracks.

Confused? Let’s start with a simple question, then.

When you were little, did your mom or dad ever tell you that it’s “not good” to keep secrets?

Of course they did.

So what did you do? Well, you probably abided by this simple rule. Until one day, you simply didn’t anymore. You kept something to yourself that you weren’t sure you should. Something small. No biggie really. But one thing led to another, you started second-guessing yourself, and eventually you were keeping secrets from even your closest confidant: yourself.

Yep, somewhere in your journey to success (and bliss) you tucked away those happy thoughts that you once knew about yourself.

Lost a little confidence here or a bit of that positive outlook on life there.

So I am here to remind you of those “lost” secrets that you’ve long since forgotten about yourself, because I know somewhere in there you still believe…

Secret #1: You are braver than you believe.

Secret #2: Your life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Secret #3: You are so incredibly awesome.

Secret #4: You are free to fly.

Secret #5: Now its your turn to join the conversation. Tell me in the comments below the secret you’ve been hiding from yourself that its high-time you be reminded of.

8 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: Is It Time to Unleash Your Secrets?

  1. Thanks for this post today. I have been keeping it a secret from myself that I actually am an artist and have new and innovative ideas. I’m giving myself some time to actually go ahead and find these ideas and work on them.

  2. Blue dogs are okay! When I was about 5, I colored a dog blue. My dad thought this was horrible. “Dogs aren’t blue!” he said. My mother flatly told him blue dogs were fine, and that if I wanted to color a dog blue, that was perfectly okay. Now that I’m all grown up and rapidly approaching “old and eclectic”, I need to remember that circles can be oval, lines can be crooked, fabrics don’t have to match, and that if it’s perfect, chances are it was made in a factory. And, I’m an artist, not a factory worker. Thanks for the post!

  3. I absolutely loved reading this. I never thought I was keeping secrets from myself. These things are so important for all of us to know it’s a shame that we forget these things! A couple secrets I’ve been keeping from myself are that I am talented. Very much so in fact. And I can pursue my dreams and be successful at doing so!

  4. I grew up in a family of financial responsibility. So when it came time to look for a job, I got the one that would support me rather than the one that I wanted. When I got laid off ten years later, I was told this was the perfect time to reinvent myself. So I strove in that direction, only to be told that it was out of reach, and when the responsible job came calling, I felt I had to take it rather than hold out for the one I wanted. Now, I’m unemployed again, and the same battle wages inside. The job that pays the bills or the job that makes me happy. This time, I want the job that makes me happy. What I’ve been hiding is what exactly that is, because honestly, right now being a house wife is making me happy (lots of time to be creative!) but it doesn’t pay a dime!

  5. NOTHING is impossible!The word itself says “I’m possible”!Audrey Hepburn This reminds me to keep going cause even when we think we can’t,it not good enough or whatever negative words we hear in our head….It’s possible just keep going forward!turn the page my Mom would say the story changes….Have a creative week folks! Maryse

  6. I’m always so worried about keeping my bi-polar disorder in check that I squash the creative and imaginative of my mind for fear of becoming manic. I choose now to embrace my amazing ideas and share them with others. I have wonderful friends who help keep me grounded and they will be there for me. It is time to live and create again!

  7. I always tell my friends that are expecting babies that they already know everything they need to know to be parents. When did we start thinking we needed to look outside ourselves for everything?

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