Art to Inspire: Good Things Grow

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You’ve probably been overwhelmed with an endless supply of turkey, stuffing, and sales over the long weekend, so I am going to cut right to the chase for today’s art to inspire…

If you’ve ever compared yourself to someone else, maybe compared your shop/small business/blog to someone else’s, I think you need to hear something:

Good things grow.

Its true. Good things do grow.

BUT not all things grow at the same rate.

Sunflowers begin to sprout from a seed in just seven to fourteen days. Gerber daisies produce a 4-inch plant from a seedling in around twenty-four weeks (that’s almost six months). And growing roses from a tiny seed can take years to reap the rewards of actual blooms. Different flowers bloom at different rates, at different times of year, in various conditions.

So what does all this mean for you?

Think of your business, blog, or shop like a flower. One that starts from a humble beginning: a mysterious seed outside of its packaging, that you can’t identify as one such plant or another.

Give it plenty of water once it is planted. Take care of it. Nurture it. And don’t give up. You never know what you have until it blossoms into what it was always meant to be – a sunflower, a daisy, a rose.

Every flower is different. So how can you compare your “seeds” to someone else’s?

Give it time, keep at it, and stop comparing because eventually, if what you are creating is good, it will grow into what it was meant to be.

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image credit: Good Things Grow. Over the weekend at a holiday show, I met Scott and Jacquelyn Scoggin (the duo that started Slide Sideways) and this is a print from their shop.

2 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: Good Things Grow

  1. So true! We so often try to compare apples & oranges (or sunflowers & roses). We are all different & exist in different spaces, even if our “seeds” were the same (& they are not), they’d still grow at different rates, we’re all growing in different mediums, are nurtured by different circumstances, how can we expect to grow at the same rate or become the same thing. Thank you for the great thoughts!

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